Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Night Downtown Orlando

While tomorrow night is actually Halloween and that's when the trick-or-treaters will be out scouring for candy, adults celebrated the "holiday" last night in Orlando.
Downtown was the home of most of the official activity with major streets closed to traffic and many locations sponsoring costume contests.
My guestimate is that greater than 50% of the patrons were in some sort of costume. That's a pretty high ratio!
It was all about seeing and being seen!
One of my favorites.
The clubs I went by were already jammed at 10pm as revelers got an early start. But many just wandered the streets checking things out.
In seems in past years many girls just tried to look as slutty as possible but this year that gave way to much more imaginative costumes, and a wider variety too.
Reader Brian provided this last photo showing some of the imaginative stuff out there last night. Thanks, Brian! Fun time downtown in awesome weather. No October snow storm here!!

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Jeff - Gainesville said...

Nice to see OFR in action! Takes me back to the day....