Friday, October 7, 2011

Club Reports: Rix Lounge, Atlantic Dance Hall

Only a limited number of club options remain at Walt Disney World and one of the better ones is Rix Lounge located inside Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.
Checking it out on a Thursday night I was surprised to run into DJ Ish (Bliss Ultra Lounge, Boss) who I normally see in downtown Orlando. He says he has been doing Rix on Thursdays for about two years now, followed by Bliss every Friday night!

There was a lively crowd in Rix last night but none of them were dancing. Numerous television monitors around the club were displaying the baseball playoff game and that's what everyone was into.

During my visit the music was Top 40 Dance with a set of 80's Classics.
There is a decent-sized dance floor and Ish says people do use it but it's all about conventions and meetings taking place there and thus the crowd size.

The same holds true for Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. When there are big meetings and conventions at the Boardwalk, Swan or Dolphin, ADH can be packed.

You never know who the DJ is going to be and last night it was great to see PI's DJ Frankie (Frankie and the West End Boys, West End Stage, Waterfront Stage, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club) working the boards!
But it must have been a non-convention night as the club and dance floor were a bit on the empty side.

There were clusters of dancers spread across the expansive dance floor but my quick count at its peak was just 30 people.
The music is by request so it ranged for current Top 40/Dance to 80's with a minimal amount of Hip Hop. Beautiful art deco club that most don't know about due to Disney's presumed purposeful lack of promotion. But admission and parking are free and there are always former PI people around to chit-chat with!


Anonymous said...

Rix is high on my list of places to check out, I'm a sucker for places that are well-themed. I remember a place called "Pleasure Island" that used to have very nice themed clubs, but it was taken away...

Dj Smooth said...

Frankie is using the same Denon controller I use when I'm out on the City Walk stage. That's a great piece of Dj gear.

Anonymous said...

And what does the Denon controller do? Allow you to raise and lower the skirts of young ladies on the dance floor from the comfort of your DJ booth? Just kidding... I am going to Google "Denon controller" though...

Moron said...

That's not one of the features but it sounds like a clever idea.

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:22am, I would not necessarily call Rix "well-themed". While it has dance club aspects with DJ and dance floor, the numerous televisions broadcasting sports conflicts with that. It's a beautiful place with great music though.

DJ Smooth, Disney is known to have great equipment. I think ADH stocks some disks that are always there but the DJ's bring in a lot of their own stuff, mostly from Promo Only.