Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Club Report: Studio 54 (New York City)

CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE AND VIEW TOGETHER The famed disco Studio 54 reopened last night "for one night only" thanks to the efforts of Sirius/XM Satellite Radio which recently began a new Disco music channel using the club's name. Their goal was to replicate the original club as closely as possible in 54's original location. As the 9pm opening time approached, the line of invited Sirius/XM guests including myself stretched down 54th Street towards Broadway.

The "wanna-be's" had to watch from across the street. I got to chit-chat with original club doorman Marc Benecke who said that after all invited guests had entered, he would go over there like in the old days and pick some "chosen ones" who would get to come inside. The white entry room inside the club is also pictured above.

Original Studio 54 DJ Nicky Siano (USA) was working the boards, although the boards nowadays include laptop computers! Siano was on from 9pm to midnight putting out classic Disco. My only disappointment was that many of the fun Disco classics typically heard at 70's Nights elsewhere were not played. But it was great music nonetheless and Siano was having a great time up there! All drinks were free, compliments of Sirius/XM!

The ground/stage level dance floor stayed packed the entire night. The crowd was overall younger than I guessed it would be interested although ages did run the gamut. The two Jersey girls above posing with one of the bare-chested waiters told me they used to party at 54 when they were just 17-years old!

The dance floor actually got larger as various curtains and facades were pulled up over time to expose new dancing territories to the rear.

A theater currently using the space which is why there are seating areas towards the front. Awesome props would come down from time-to-time!

Not sure if this is a guy or a girl but supposedly he/she was part of the fun at the original Studio 54. Ditto for the aerial acrobats.

It was constantly crazy as the Disco music played on.

Sirius/XM spared no expense in staging this event!

The real surprise of the evening though was shortly after midnight when suddenly and without warning the music switched from Disco to Dance and a new DJ took over from an alternate booth. The song was Levels and looking up omg it was none other than DJ Avicci (S)!!

The crowd went absolutely crazy for the next hour and even those who had been sitting in the upper balcony stood up and were dancing in their aisles!

Both iconic signs from the original club were there. The event was supposed to end at 1am but ran until closer to 1:45am. After Avicii's set another original Studio 54 DJ Leroy Washington finished it out with more Disco. When he played "New York, New York" people knew it was time to head home. An incredible night at Studio 54. Big thanks to Sirius/XM for inviting me!! Besides myself, other A-List celebrities attending are pictured here:
Good summary video:
Article and pics from Vogue:
Article and pics from TMZ:
Avicii opens his set with "Levels": 


Anonymous said...

That building has more lives than a cat. 1920-30's Theater, 40-70's radio/TV studio, 76-80 world famous nightclub. 80-90's semi-famous nightclub, 90-2000's strip club then back to theater. The "Studio 54" most people associate it with is it's 76-80 disco era under Rubell's watch (up until the raid), but the 80's club scene there was good too, I was lucky enough to participate in both. The late 70's in that place were absolutely unbelievable, but Marc the door guy was a royal pita to deal with ! :-)

Jerry said...

That gave me shivers up and down. I am glad you had a good time. This was what it was all about, back in the eighties. It was truly a very unique type of club. Hopefully, they will reopen it again and relive the memories.

DJMadManRay said...

Awesome report..thanks so much Bob! Wish we could have been there...

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

KingBob said...

Anon at 11:06am, thanks for the building's history. Hoping that someone will now reopen Studio 54 on a more permanent basis.

Jerry, didn't know that you had a history with 54 from back in the day. From your reaction I can tell they did a really good job recreating it for the one night. That's also what the Jersey girls told me that I was chit-chatting with that night.

DJMadManRay, it was pretty incredible. Can't hardly believe I was there!