Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Weekend In Techno Town

The one and only DJ Pauly D from down the Jersey Shore plays tonight at Roxy.
DJ Chris Cox (XM Radio's 12" of Cox Show) will be spinning his brand of Dance music at Mr Sisters on Saturday night. Should be packed! 
DJ Mickey Bono has a new night at Bliss Ultra Lounge called Seduction, replacing the previous Saturday Night Live. We unfortunately lose the Dollar Menu ($1 well drinks) but gain 2 for 1 anythings instead.
Project 1: Downtown Orlando beginning at 10 am and running until 2:30am Monday morning, a whole lot of DJ's will be spinning a whole lot of music! From the booth inside Ember there will be House and Trance, outside in the courtyard it will be Breakbeats and Electro and then finally outside in the nearby parking lot listen for Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Jungle.
Some of the DJ's include Adam Bomb and Funkbaby (Suite B), Andy Hughes and Jimmy Joslin (EDC-Orlando), ATM, X-Andy and Netics (CityWalk Techno Night), and dozens more!!


zulemara said...

Jimmy Joslin also of MDP!

Dj Smooth said...

Can this Pauly D kid actually Dj? Just wondering...

KingBob said...

I've not made an effort to go see him. But he was a young DJ before the show made him famous. I imagine its the show that draws people to see him and not his DJ'ing.