Tuesday, September 20, 2011

PI Update: What's New On The Island?

The summer is slowly winding down and Florida's obnoxious humidity is slowly backing off. So what better place to wind down than beautiful Pleasure Island.

One of the Blog's readers commented about the famous Pleasure Island back story plaques being removed. They have been removed....except they forgot this one hidden behind a planter on the Number 2 Bridge!

You can remove the Mannequins name but you can't remove Mannequins heart. Mannequins forever!

With the groovy paint job removed from the doors of 8TRAX, you could peer inside until they installed black paper last week.
Before the paper was installed, you could look through the glass and see 8TRAX circa 2008.
Adventurers Club. It might not say it anymore but everyone knows what this is!
DJ Tony Z (Paradiso 37, Atlantic Dance Hall) and some cute PH girls outside Planet Hollywood earlier this evening. He reports they're drawing really good crowds at Paradiso 37 on Thursday through Saturday nights featuring Top 40 and Club/Dance music.

Daytime view of the Adventure Club (sic) Cart in its new location. There has to be a reason it was moved but the reason is not yet apparent.
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island?

Over on the West Side the new Splitsville is under construction. The signage leaves no doubt that drinking and dancing will be in the mix. This will be a great new addition to Downtown Disney and we hope the willingness to allow "drinking and dancing" is an insight into the new direction Pleasure Island 3.0 is headed!

Television media was out this evening as well covering the big announcement about an Avatar-themed land coming to the Disney Animal Kingdom theme park. Considering its the highest grossing film worldwide ever, Disney has finally responded to Harry Potter. Ain't competition grand!!


Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting to know that they're building a Bowling ally slash Dance club.
It's fine and dandy to call it "Splitsville".
Now it's time to wake-up and fix Dance Palace, 8Trax, Adventurer's Club, and finally Comedy Warehouse.
As fo r the issue of the Avatar themed area at Animal Kingdom.
It seems interesting to know, but where would they put it?

zulemara said...

I noticed that Paradiso was playing dance music when I walked through last Thursday and found it odd. I think originally it was supposed to have a dance element to it at night, but by opening, that had changed. Maybe they are testing for things to come!

KingBob said...

Splitsville is family-oriented during the day and early evening however at some locations it goes "adults only" later at night. Whether dance music comes from a live band or from a DJ remains to be seen but bands are much more expensive. But this offers hope for all of DTD.

Zulemara, that would have been DJ Tony Z you heard playing dance music. There currently is no dance floor in Paradiso. Keep in mind that Paradiso is under new management as original owner E-BRANDS filed for bankruptcy last year.

zulemara said...

oohhh I didn't realize that the bankruptcy also meant new owners! That's good stuff. I can only hope they would clear tables at 10pm and turn it into a club. They would make a huge money, I'm willing to bet much more than they do on food since alcohol is such high profit margin. Who knows!

Anonymous said...

"Splitsville" ..what a fantastic concept ! I always thought about opening a Rock & Roll club that was a roller skating rink in the evenings, wouldn't that be great !

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall when RRBC was "XZFR Rockin' Rollerdrome"? (I never saw it then) The idea of Roller Skating and Alcohol always seemed dangerous to me. Haha.

KingBob said...

It did not exist during my first visit to PI. The roller skating aspect was a clever idea that worked better on paper then in reality, for the very reason you stated.

Brian said...

XZFR Rockin roller Dome was open for till 1990