Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PI Update: Three Years of Nothing

What better place to mourn the third anniversary of the demise of Pleasure Island comedy and dance clubs than on beautiful Pleasure Island itself!

At Celebration Plaza aka West End Ultra Lounge, extra plastic lounge furniture has been brought in and placed near the bathrooms and Soundstage Club. It helps diffuse the large size of the plaza.

Soundstage's entry area had been blocked for sometime by those small planters with palms in them. Last week humongous planters holding bamboo were also brought in to keep people away.

Adventurers Club's entryway was not blocked whatsoever but that is no longer the case as more huge bamboo planters were brought here too.

Soundstage Club still lives though. This sign remains!

8TRAX continues to live as well. While the groovy paint job has been covered over, the faux 8-Track players at the club's front and rear entrances are still installed! So don't give up the hope!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us updated.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are a disgusting site to see compared to how much fun everyone used to have on that Island :(

Anonymous said...

Oh does Disney really think that a little Bamboo will kepp Adventurers away from our Club? If so, they are sorely mistaken!

Anonymous said...

What I find funny is that they do things to discourage people from taking photos of the Adventurers Club, but anything they do in fact only encourages people to take photos. "Oh look, they put bamboo in front of that, we need to take photos of it and post them online!"

Anonymous said...

I think you give them too much credit if you think Disney even cares if you take pictures in front of the club.
My guess is the bamboo was a tall plant they could get the cheapest. "Maybe we can hide the fact there is a rotting, empty building behind all this bamboo. Those dumb tourists will never know what used to happen here"

KingBob said...

I think they very much care about people taking pictures in front of that building, especially if those people are in any kind of safari-adventurer type costumes.