Sunday, September 18, 2011

Club Reports: Pafos Ultra Lounge, The Groove

Expanding horizons, first visit to Pafos Ultra Lounge located on SR 535 immediately before the intersection with US 192 in Kissimmee, just a few miles south of Lake Buena Vista.

Very cool entry hallway but they could use some of this type of lighting by the dance floor.

Resident DJ Manny covers Wednesday through Saturday nights with the latter kind of an 8TRAX Night with 70's Disco & 80's early MTV hits being played! Double Dutch Bus!! 

This PI veteran was spotted celebrating his big 5-0. HBD Mark!!

The club has a large dance floor which I'm told can get crowded. But more people need to know about this place because the music is a lot of fun!

Texts from friends over at The Groove said I needed to come check it out because it was so crowded. Weekend resident DJ King (Motion, BET Soundstage, PI Live, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club) was in the booth overseeing the festivities.

And I think crowded was an understatement!

There were people dancing everywhere!

Including upstairs. It was as crowded as I can recall seeing it and it's not even tourist season! A "half way to St. Patricks Day" party was taking place at adjacent Pat O'Brien's which might help explain why the place was so jammed! People got tanked-up over there and then wanted to dance. DJ King was pumping out a lot of Hip Hop standards but also some intriguing Dance Mash-ups I'd never heard before. And a fun time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the last 3 nights for you at the Groove (Techno night, Dj Willy, and DJ King) have all been great reviews! Dj King always nails it (atleast for me). I think he is the best DJ that City Walk has. Sorry I missed the night. Will look forward to more great reviews from TG, Go City Walk! If PI can't take our money, I will be more that happy to give it to CW, thankyou Universal.

KingBob said...

I've made an effort to give fresh reports on TG Thursdays, Fridays and now Saturdays. Thursday crowds are inconsistent but clearly Friday and Saturdays are drawing quite well. There is no doubt that CW wants the business that Disney doesn't. The free ticket offer makes it a no-brainer.

Dj Smooth said...

Good to hear City Walk doing so well. My comment would be that all of the people who enjoy the Djs at Groove and Coconut and so on need to make sure they tell the management of the various clubs how much they appreciate the talent in there.

Dj Smooth said...

KingBob, what your thoughts on mash ups? I just re-read your post and noticed you commented on mash ups at the end.

I tend to avoid mash ups for the sake of mash ups. It's rare that I find one good enough for me to add to my library; but that's just me.

KingBob said...

Smooth, I always tell the manager on duty when I like something. I'm also aware that CW management reads the Blog.

As for mash-ups, I generally don't care for them. If it is made up of a song I like then I like to hear the entire song, not portions as it is fused into another song. However, I appreciate the effort that was made by whoever produced it as to how two distinct songs were mashed together. My recollection from Saturday night was DJ King playing a Dance mash-up that was 3 songs mashed together. That was impressive!

Brian said...

DJ Smooth
I am with you on the mash ups! there are a few good ones! but very few.

Dj Smooth said...

On the radio tip, my programming guy at Kiss 98 in Buffalo really likes the mash up of Moves Like Jagger that has Modjo's Lady underneath the entire Maroon 5 track.

I prefer the Bit Error vocal mix but he's asked for it a couple of times. Those are the kinds of mash ups I can go along with. I found a version of Pitbull's Give Me Everything with Let The Bass Kick under it. That one is ok and can work for a nice change of pace.

DJ King said...

Thank you for the complements!!!! Just made a webpage where people can book me and download some of my video mixes....

Thanks for the support!!!

DJ King said...

PS. All pumped to play in Vegas Next Tuesday...Check the flyer on my facebook and you can watch my set live at

KingBob said...

DJ Smooth, Mickey Bono of Bliss played an incredible Mashup last May that was so good I even did an article on the song:

DJ King, good luck in Vegas! Will try to tune in if you can give the exact date and time in the Eastern Time Zone. Your webpage is also really well organized.

Dj Smooth said...

Scott, you're gonna be hangin' in downtown Vegas; Fremont Street!

It's a cool vibe down there; much different than on the tourist filled strip.

Good luck man!

DJ King said...

@DJ Smooth----Thanks for the look out...Can't wait to see it all again....Been there a couple times and I was told the "Insert Coins" is a relatively new place.

@KingBob----It all takes place Tuesday 9pm pst and 12am est.... and it's on the in the video lounge called "insert coins"...if anyone is up at that time and in front of your computer make sure to check it out

KingBob said...

DJ King, I'll be in depos into Tuesday evening and probably too wiped-out to stay up that late. But it looks like the website stores prior sessions and thus it can be watched later. Hope I can view it later!