Saturday, September 3, 2011

Club Report: Zombie Prom (Atlanta)

Flew from Schiphol Amsterdam to Atlanta yesterday so that I could attend the Zombie Prom at the 2011 DragonCon  This huge comic fan convention takes place in four large downtown hotels and the streets are jammed with people in costume walking from venue to venue. The city takes an enlightened approach and it's ok to walk around with a drink in hand. The Zombie Prom took place in the Atlanta Hilton.
Did not get the DJ's name who was spinning 80's New Wave/Old Wave to the little monsters.

Not sure if she is one of those pro-choice or anti-abortion women.

Not sure who this guy was but whenever I'd get ready to snap a picture of a pretty goul he would come out of nowhere and jump into it!



The goth band Bella Morte appeared over at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta. Very heavy metallic, the only thing I recognized was Berlin's song The Metro which I thought was ironic since I had just ridden on the Berlin's metro system (U-Bahn/S-Bahn) less than two weeks ago!


And a good time was had by all!


DamnMouse72 said... that you??? Are you really back in the states?? Welcome home... Is that you in the pictures? Glad you had a great time..missed your updates man!

zulemara said...

< fact>
no that's not bob
< /fact>

KingBob said...

No, that's not me. But I have returned to the United States of America.