Sunday, July 24, 2011

PI Update: Orlando Sentinel Mentions Save PI Blog

Today's Orlando Sentinel has an article about the lack of activity on beautiful Pleasure Island. Of course Disney denies any problems, simply saying that it has taken longer than anticipated. Considering that we are at 3 years since the clubs were closed and nothing new has replaced any of them, that would appear to be an understatement. The Save Pleasure Island Blog gets mention in the article's last paragraph located at:,0,2350241.story
Thanks to the Sentinel's reporter Jason Garcia for including my thoughts in his research for the article!


Dj Smooth said...

Disney needs to get over this hangup about any adult themed entertainment jeopardizing their precious image.

That's crap. If you do it right, you can have both with no problem.

zulemara said...

VERY interesting information from "former" disney oficials. Kudos to Jason for going out and getting that kind of information. The story about the slow progress of transformation from clubs to 3rd party(like reglan road) goes with the information I read stating they wanted the island to be fluent and eventually outsource all clubs, but a change of management happened and they said screw it and closed it all down. Also significant that they didn't have any plan, which we all knew. What a shame to close a revenue generating location and cause a huge amount of badwill with guests when you don't even have a plan for replacement.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that the Orlando Sentinel had an article about this blog.
I also think we all agree that three years has been long enough for P.I. to be closed.
Hopefully people will fix and reopen the clubs.

Mr Holtz, it's time for you and the rest of the officials to act.

if you ask me? said...

OH you are all funny!! look at the the RRBC and Motion! the are GONE FOREVER! knocked down now grass!

Doesn't that kind of tell you that PI clubs are NOT going to reopen!
and why would any"one" want to reopen a club there? the rent Disney wants would be lets say REALLY high! so to make a profit the price to get in, the price for drinks would SCARE you away the 1st time you went there!?

if you ask me? said...

I would have to say to get in would have to cost 20 or more drinks would be 20 or more to just stay there?
your Fav! bartender is NOT going to be there (most likely)!!!

KingBob said...

With certainty RRBC and Motion are not going to reopen. Anything else that could reopen would have to have a cover charge but I'm thinking around $10, not $20. And drink prices, nowhere like you've predicted. Keep in mind there are already many 3rd parties selling drinks around DTD and their prices are not sky high. Pure economics.

Anonymous said...

I just have to yawn again. Keep that whole island mess closed down. If it opened we would be dissapointed anyway because it would NEVER be like the original

KingBob said...

DJ Smooth, the fact that Disney has bars EVERYWHERE* proves that there is really little real concern about alcohol use at WDW. It was just one of the many excuses they floated as their reason to close PI. In reality they just figured that outsourcing everything would result in higher profits than the clubs generated by themselves. As we all know, they were wrong.
*-except Magic Kingdom