Friday, May 20, 2011

PI Update: Plans Developed for Comedy Warehouse Building?

Not a whole lot visually taking place currently on beautiful Pleasure Island but that's a good thing. You'll recall the previous speculation that we'd see club demolitions continue right after Easter but before Memorial Day. That has not happened. So there seems to be some merit to the idea that Disney is rethinking the demolitions and instead will rehabilitate existing club spaces for new uses by 3rd parties.

One of our sources reports that he was recently out on the island prior to seeing a movie.  He saw several blue IDs huddled together walking the island.  They were over by Comedy Warehouse.  He walked towards them to eavesdrop. They had black portfolios and were looking at them as they discussed things. At one point one of them started gesturing to the front of CW and was heard saying "This is where the new queue will be."  The source got close enough to peek at the portfolios and he said that he didn't recognize the buildings based on what is currently on the island. At that point they split, some started walking down towards the Paradiso / 8TRAX area and the rest in a different direction.

Back in March when the Blog published the blueprints for Hyperion Wharf, you'll recall that Soundstage & Adventurers Club were coming down to be replaced with Seed and Mulch. But Comedy Warehouse was left untouched, labeled as "Future Entertainment Parcel 2 (Not In This Project)".
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So the fact that they apparently now have plans for the CW space also lends support to the idea that existing clubs will be rehabilitated and reopened. And what better use for the CW space than a comedy club!


Anonymous said...

Why does one get the continuing suspicion they are truly just bumbling around in the dark when it comes to this project?

DamnMouse72 said...

They have no idea what they are doing... But, there is always still hope! Everyday the hope becomes less and less, but.. Maybe, just maybe they will do something/anything that we want. Went to DTD last night and the place was packed! Can't remember the last time it was so busy, had a hard time finding a parking spot and there were people all over. Just think of the revenue they would have made even if just one club was reopened. Paradiso was busy, Ranglan Road was busy, hell, people were everywhere! Atleast there is still hope, thanks Bob!

Anonymous said...

A comedy club soudns very family friendly to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a very interesting article.
Yes, it seems that the clubs they meant to have torn down were'nt, hopefully this might mean that they might think about reopnening some of the clubs.

P.S. Thanks Bob.

KingBob said...

It make sense that if they can't get 3rd party operators to open restaurants, maybe some 3rd party operators are willing to reopen in existing but refurbished spaces as clubs; perhaps with a restaurant during the day type component. Up to two dance clubs would be a gold mine for whoever opens them.