Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here Is What's Coming To The New Pleasure Island (Part 2)

These are snapshots of some of the blueprints filed by Disney with the South Florida Water Management District detailing the changes being made to Pleasure Island in the conversion to Hyperion Wharf. Last night we looked at the East End Package and tonight we look at the West End Package. If you were disappointed with what you saw in yesterday's article, please be warned that things are even bleaker today!

As you probably know, the West End side of Pleasure Island is actually two levels. Guests actually traverse the area or enter the clubs on the upper lever and go downstairs for some of the entertainment options. Think Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse, BET Soundstage and 8TRAX. As you can see on the page above, there is no doubt that BET and AC are "to be demolished". This is not a surprise since the Blog published the construction permits last fall and that was contained within. Interestingly, the blueprints only mention that the lower levels of these two clubs are to be demolished and never mention the upper levels. We thus have to assume that if the lower level is being demolished, the upper level has to go with it!

Since we know Disney plans bold new options for the Island, what will be replacing these former clubs? More seed & mulch. Nothing is replacing them, not even a Hot Dog Hall of Fame!

Wondering about Comedy Warehouse? It is described as "Future Entertainment Parcel 2" on the plans and is not part of this project. So it will apparently sit idle. And what about Mannequins and 8TRAX? They are not mentioned in the blueprints and the Blog already reported long ago that the power grid to the entire Island is located there so the buildings can't be demolished, only rehabilitated. So that folks represents the new Hyperion Wharf.
One final comment. Those that have worked on Pleasure Island will recognize the underground offices that are below West End Plaza/Celebration Plaza. For those of us who do not, it's fascinating to see how large the complex is. Had no idea it was this extensive!


Anonymous said...

I guess I always knew they would tear down Soundstage, and A.C.
, but I'm still hopeing they'll reopen 8trax & Mannequines, and Comedy warehouse.
If they don't some more nightlife for the adults they're pretty dumb.
"Oh" and by the way you can only have so much lawns and greenery.
Thanks again Bob for all of your update.

ScoobySnacks said...

It's as if Disney is leaking boring information as a precursor to April Fools.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Indeed, thank you for the up to the minute news and photos that I for one have come to love. I'm so very excited that we waited three years for WDW to plant new grass. However, it sort of makes sense if that is all that they plan to do. Not that I agree with it at all. But one only need step back and ponder that bold new vision that has been so fragrantly spread around the universe. Seems to me that the vision, since Michael left, has been to open that island up so that people walking around in the Market Place can see over to the West Side and make really touristy statements like "what's that" or "oh my, there's more over there". It was really hard to do that with those closed up buidlings in the way (even when they were open at night). Seems like the vision is really coming to life. Shame the clubs had to die for that to happen. Long live P.I.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the new view is to drum up sagging DVC sales at Saratoga! Bob, on the other "magic" site some poster (who since got banned) made a throwaway comment about Citywalk also looking to close some (SOME) clubs this year...here anything like that yourself?

Anonymous said...

Oh and Scooby....the joke is definitely on ALL of us

KingBob said...

Anon at 5:51am, I had read that comment but have no verification one way or another. I am checking with my sources out there and will let everyone know. He posted that two CityWalk clubs were closing at the end of this summer but never elaborated.

I can think of a couple clubs I'd like to see closed out there as I don't see them drawing much revenue.

Ashley E. said...

I've known for a while that AC will be no more, but it still hurts everytime I hear about it's demolition. This was one of the most unique and entertaining comedy clubs I have ever been in, and it blows my mind that Disney doesn't see it's value.

Anonymous said...

Lesser of two evils - I'd rather see Trivial gardens on Hyperbole wharf than another slew of useless shops and mediocre resturaunts.

KingBob said...

Ashley, Disney does see its value and it will be returning to Disney World in a few years. They just didn't want it in DTD anymore.