Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amphitheater vs Amphitheatre

Is that club over in Tampa with the revolving dance floor named Amphitheater, as the sign above the front door clearly shows?
Or is it named Amphitheatre, as all logos within the club and on their website shows?  Huh, whatcha' talkin' about Willis?  We're talking about the spelling here. The main sign's name ends with "er" whereas everything else has the name ending with "re".

From what I can figure out, this is deliberate. Apparently all references to the club that existed with that name a few years ago end with the proper spelling "er" whereas all references to the new club that just opened last weekend end with "re". I'm guessing it's a legal thing.  But the new club is using the old name on their main sign! Perhaps they're using the original sign outside. (Photo above shows the name used by the club between use of the Amp names, Club Tantra.)


Anonymous said...

Maybe they chose to spell it the Canadian way, as it is spelt with a "RE" up here.

Anonymous said...

They put so much money into that place once again, they probably kept the signs up on the inside thinking that no one would ever notice... Thanks BOB for pointing it out, now they are going to have to put more money into new signs... LOL!

Joe said...

There was an article in the TBT that touched on the "Amphitheatre"

"To reflect the club's resurrection — and evolution — the owners tweaked the name from Amphitheater to Amphitheatre (but the original sign along Seventh Avenue remains)."

KingBob said...

Cool...Canadian readers! Good thought until Joe came along and spoiled it!

Anon, apparently only the outside sign is the original.

Joe, awesome research! Article is right on point. Thanks for sharing.