Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PI Update: Our New "Eye In The Sky"

Save Pleasure Island Blog introduces its new SkyCAM. Now readers will receive unprecedented views of the demolition and construction occurring on beautiful Pleasure Island.
Using incredible teather-balloon technology, you'll see views one can only experience from a 40-story building!
Never wonder what's taking place behind those construction walls again!
SkyCAM will zoom in to keep our loyal Blog readers fully informed as to what is happening. And you can zoom in even further by clicking on and expanding the photos up to two times!


Brian said...

was not a big fan of Motion or beach club but it still SAD to see this view!

Jeff - Gainesville said...

I'm wondering of that corn they plan to raise on that lovely plot of empty land will turn as much profit as the clubs did? Nice photos!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a season pass on that T-ballon ride ..otherwise these ariel update pics will be co$tly :-)

Anonymous said...

Atleast we're getting a view of what's going on down there.
One can only hope that when and if they put Hyperion Wharf in it'll have some open nightclubs.
Where people can dance and party.

It's going to be sad when and if they take the P.I. sign down.

tightglove.com said...

I echo the sentiments of Anon #2; two nightlife options on the Wharf would suffice!

KingBob said...

No grassy area where Motion/RRBC used to be. The grassy area will be where Soundstage & Adventurers Club currently stands.

Yes, I have my Frequent Flyer account opened and ready to use. Should earn enough for that free trip to Europe!

Would love to see a couple nightlife options there. Don't understand why they're so dead-set against it. A reopened comedy club can be family friendly as can be 8TRAX.