Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PI Update: Grass Replaces Clubs

With beautiful dry weather continuing in Orlando into next week and temps heading into the mid and then upper 80's, what better place to spend a Spring Break afternoon and evening than beautiful Pleasure Island! (Before you ask, the sign said Marketplace but had begun changing when this pic was snapped. There is no Marketplark.)
One more piece of blueprint to share with you. This one shows an overview of the entire Island however it only demonstrates the changes coming to the East End. You can clearly see the position of the new Amphitheater, the new pathway through the current service court and the compass design of the Lily Pad. This rendering shows 3 retail establishments in that service court. I love that it still shows the revolving dance floor inside Mannequins!
Meanwhile down on the ground, grass turf has already been installed or is growing where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion used to stand. Although the plans indicated "seed" would be planted here, we don't normally do grass seeds in Florida. Maybe this is a special Disney variety.
This does beg the question, if there are immediate plans to construct an Amphitheater near "the hub" intersection, why would they install turf in that area? The Mouse works in mysterious ways!
Interesting information from a PI source earlier today. Source says that contracts with new restaurants and shops have been signed but Disney is just not ready to release the names yet. The Blog did report a few months ago that indeed a contract had been signed with Schussler Creative to build a Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Great Food Restaurant, and our source on that one was the Minneapolis Star-Tribune! Source also says that the three areas of Downtown Disney each will have their own focus although each area will also continue to offer alternatives. For example, the Downtown Disney Marketplace focus will be shopping, Downtown Disney West Side focus will be entertainment and Hyperion Wharf at Downtown Disney focus will be dining. Hmmmm.


zulemara said...

wtf sense does that make?? HW is the dining focus? It seems to me dining is already everywhere(4 off the top of my head at MP, 2 at PI, 5 on west side) so PI is clearly lagging but an EMPHASIS? That's dumb. They had entertainment and let it go to hell! ugh!

Anonymous said...

I agree it's stupid, you have Market Place, and West Side each with resteraunts along with what used to be the RRBC.
Don't you think that's enough resturaunts?
Now why don't you guys wake up and reopen the clubs and "surprise everyone".

Brian said...

you know what they should do! I think they should replant all of the trees they knocked down to build PI and let it go back the way it was 25 years ago!!
just seams to make everyone unhappy!?
just my Opinion!! LOL??

disneyecho said...

Hyperian Wharf is going to need a good lawnmower and a sponsorship from Scott's fertilizer. Kungaloosh!

KingBob said...

Yup, lawn mowers will be a new feature on Pleasure Island!

Anonymous said...

This shows they didn't need to tear down Motion to do what theyre doing.