Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pollo Campero vs Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical has many locations around Florida while Pollo Campero is new to the state with just five locations including the new one in Downtown Disney Marketplace. I decided to give them taste test comparisons and may the better bird win!

CHICKEN:  I selected the grilled, fire-roasted quarter-dark chicken from each venue. Pollo Campero also offers fried chicken. Both tasted the same....delicious! It was my impression that Pollo Campero's chickens are a little larger. Winner: Pollo Campero

SIDES:  Both offer a good variety of choices. I selected the Fries. Pollo Campero's were crispy, hot and tasted pretty good. Pollo Tropical's had merged into a solid mass that quickly cooled and became rock hard.
Winner: Pollo Campero

BREAD: Pollo Tropical only offers a small regular bread roll. I was excited to see Pollo Campero give me a small plastic baggy with two hot tortillas/wraps inside. However, when I opened the pack and smelled them, they had a very odd yet familiar odor. It took me a few minutes before it finally hit me. Have you ever been to the Nike Outlet Store? You know that vulcanized rubber smell in there?  That's what these smelled like. Yuck!  Winner: Pollo Tropical

AMBIANCE: Hard to compare because the DTD location of Pollo Campero is large, completely filling up the former McDonald's space. But it's also extremely noisy. They also have a bakery and a bar. Winner: Draw

PRICES: Pollo Tropical is a bit cheaper but it's likely that the prices at DTD are a bit higher than you'd pay elsewhere just like the McDonald's was and just like the Panda Express is at CityWalk. Winner: Pollo Tropical

THE OVERALL WINNER: Latin grilled chicken is great! Try them both and you decide! Both are winners!


Watch Me Eat said...

I personally like Pollo Tropical's chicken better than what I had at Pollo Campero. And that was a corn tortilla instead of a flour tortilla. You either love them or hate them (I personally like them)...

Anonymous said...

First of all Pollo Campero's chicken was a little more filling, and the reseraunt had a little more than Spanish food.
Second What does all that have to do with saving PI?
In which we all hope everything will reopen, and bring back the awsome Nightlife.

KingBob said...

If we're well fed, we'll be in a superior position to save the Island.

Hey, all my articles can't be gems!

Anonymous said...

Damn Mouse! LOL....