Thursday, December 9, 2010

PI Update: Funmeister Missing

Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter Thommy reports from the Island this morning that the Funmeister is missing! Unfortunately on the wrong side of the PI Wall and thus in the construction zone, the Funmeister has apparently been taken down.

The Funmeister was a half moon-shaped face atop a tall totem pole errected between what is now Motion and Sosa Cigars in the so-called Funmeister Plaza. Back in history when Merriweather Adam Pleasure was sailing along Florida canals in his paddlewheeler he spotted the Funmeister along the shoreline of Village Lake and knew that was the spot to build his island of pleasure. Apparently errected by a band of  I4 Indians, he is said to have yelled "The Funmeister, I've found the Funmeister. This is where we will build Pleasure Island." And so he did. And the rest is history. The Funmeister ultimately was used as the symbol for the Pleasure Island entertainment district when it opened. But most unfortunately, the entire saga of Pleasure Island is coming to an end too. Will be interesting to see if Hyperion Wharf has any kind of back story.


Munchies said...

İm at Pİ now and it looks as if they are dismantling the silver arount the motions building where the sign used to hang. And the entire pole where funmeister was is missing very sad stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Fun for all, and All for fun!"
-Merriweather Adam Pleasure

Anonymous said...

It looks PI is slowing fading into the distance.
Let us hope that Hyperion Wharf will have a lot of night life so people can party and have fun from 8pm-2am.

P.s. For the adults.

KingBob said...

Munchies, thanks for the report live from PI.

I do believe the legend of Merriweather Adam Pleasure is going to be forgotten!

Anonymous said...

he better be in your garage Bob!! deserve him

KingBob said...

Maybe he'll be for sale at Disney Property Control and I can get him then!