Sunday, August 8, 2010

Club Reports: Pulse & CityWalk

Finally had the opportunity to make a first-ever visit to Pulse night club last night. Pulse is located on south Orange Avenue in Orlando's SODO district. The predominantly gay club actually has a large number of single women partying there as there is free bus service for Disney CM's from Disney housing in Lake Buena Vista. DJ Scott Robert spins an awesome mix of Top 40/Dance early which progressively becomes more Techno/Dance as the evening wears on. The DJ booth is located in an alcove overlooking the dance floor so unfortunately there can be little interaction between the DJ and the crowd. Two smaller rooms including the club's former White Room were opened up into one big room to create a large expanse of dance floor. Fans of Mannequins music would not be disappointed!

With the summer tourist season ending soon I wanted to try out CityWalk at least one more time. As expected, the clubs were packed and perhaps even more so because Bob Marley's had a closed-gate Jamaican Independence Day celebration going on which sent their regulars who did not want to pay the $30 cover charge over to the other clubs. You could hardly move in The Groove as DJ AJ played Top 40, Hip Hop and a surprising amount of Dance!

But omg, over at Latin Quarter DJ Leony was in one of those moods again and belted out tons of House and Classic House. The crowd was crazy for it. The dance floor stayed packed here too. Leony, who still has his Friday night midnight ET show on Sirius/XM satellite radio, has also hooked up with RadioDanz for an hour of Dance music on Saturday nights at 8pm ET. He joins DJ Mickey Bono and DJ Smooth to become the 3rd Orlando-based DJ with a mix show on RadioDanz. South Beach & Ibiza, Orlando is right up there with you! Always has been.

Last but not least, DJ Doc Wells (8TRAX, 80's Night at The Groove) was spinning his mix of mostly Top 40 from the booth at Red Coconut Club. RCC's dance floor was also wall-to-wall and remains a hugely popular CityWalk venue.


zulemara said...

little chance for interaction unless you have the DJ's phone number =P

Honestly though, in any club I go to I generally prefer NOT to be able to reach the DJ. I feel it lets the DJ do his job without worrying about the requests. I do like the format at a club like Savoy, which has a scrolling marquee with the number to text the dj your requests.

Anonymous said...

Soon Mr Sisters will have the same type of marquee to request songs to the DJ.

Anonymous said...

King BoB could you please send a message to Mr, Staggs?
If possible...
Tell him we don't need anymore shops and resturaunts.
What we need and what the people want are adult night clubs and entertainment so the people can party and dance and have fun.
Reopen PI Clubs.

KingBob said...

I've already sent my email to Mr. Staggs. No reason to send a second one.

KingBob said...

What is Mr. Sisters? Never heard of it.