Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two Years Ago Today

Exactly two years ago today, late in the day on Friday, June 27th, 2008, Disney announced the big news. Pleasure Island comedy and dance clubs were going to be shut down forever in 3 months. The Orlando Sentinel posted it immediately and had this article in the Saturday newspaper:
Copy and paste:


Joe said...

"Right now we believe we've got a shortage of dining capacity and shopping capacity, so we'll be adding to those areas, and we'll be looking at some specialized entertainment options also," said Downtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry.

...which is kinda funny since one could argue PI was already specialized entertainment.
Really? More shopping and dining?
Please, give more reason not to go there. I HATE West Side. I loathe the place. I avoid it. They could knock it down and I wouldn't care.
The only reason I every go to Marketplace is Wolfgang Puck Express or Earl of Sandwich.
Apparently, I'm not Disney's core market. They hate me.

"Some of the offerings might feel like a nightclub, but they won't feel like high-energy clubs like we have today in all likelihood," Lansberry said. "Truthfully, our guests have really gotten out of that in the last couple of years. They want things that are a lot more geared toward family entertainment."

I'm glad Kevin and co know what I want. I mistakenly thought I liked world-class, unique entertainment venues like Mannequins Dance Palace and Adventurers Club. Apparently, I actually like over-priced, cloned restaurants like T-REX or Rainforest Cafe which cater to families with obnoxious, screaming children climbing and vomiting all over everything.

Thanks for setting me straight, Disney!!

KingBob said...

Stay tuned Joe. I believe that vision has been replaced with a new vision that we might like better. Not what we had though. I think things are about to begin to move!

Brian said...

yeah to what?????
ok lets say they do reopen a club or clubs the one thing it will be like is motion I didn't like Motion at all! I could stay home and hear the same music on XL 106.7 (i know that XL plays great jams once in a blue moon) so why would i get a pass (if they offer one) and or pay to get in?
no killer light show killer sound system! no moving dance floor! and to listen to TOP 40 yuck! i like some top 40 but lets get real most of us want dance club music!

Anonymous said...

So Bob are you going to elaborate? You've been throwing out the construction walls going up line for a bit now. Spill the beans man, what do you know that your not saying?

KingBob said...

Still working on that story, Anon. I do know a bit more but trying to get better details to share. I do know that no construction permits have yet been filed with RCID or Orange County.

Anonymous said...

So far it seems that they don't have construction permits yet.
This might be a good sign?
Maybe they're rethinking about fixing up the clubs insted of tearing them down.
So lets keep hoping for good things for PI.
P.S. Ultra Lounges may not be a bad idea People can still eat, Dance and party.

Anonymous said...

Ultra Lounges after what the old PI people are used to?
it will never work!
and i will NOT spend any money at disney anymore! if they do open a club or two i will and see what they look like but will NOT buy any drinks or food! they closed out clubs didn't listen to us and now they might want to reopen club they think we are stupid (you would have to be to go and leave and money on disney property) I HOPE a lot if not all will NOT go also!

Anonymous said...

We need high quality "city" night club entertainment, nothing else .....oh wait, that's what we used to have at, bummer.