Sunday, June 27, 2010

PI Update: The Final Celebration

Went out to the island last night to experience the next-to-last installment (10:30pm) of Celebrate Tonight. There was no secret that CT was coming to an end. They announced it more than once and the television monitors also featured it. They scrolled the names of past and current CT cast members. There was posing for pictures; DJ G-Clef was still on the ground from the 9:30pm show when I arrived. They played one last Chicken Dance. The final song played around midnight was Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me" per Blog reader 71Jason. There was some sadness. More than one PI employee mentioned that this is yet another "closure" on Pleasure Island and with that comes the uncertainty.

The DJ's come out alright in that they get transferred to Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party at the Magic Kingdom and thus remain employed by the Mouse. And of course we often see G-Clef over at CityWalk's Red Coconut Club. The other CM's? Not sure if they received pink slips.

So that concludes Celebrate Tonight. Next up finally: construction walls?

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Anonymous said...

The whole concept was just stupid.