Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blog Mission Statement & Disclaimer

As we begin the second half of 2010, it's time for my twice-annual Blog Mission Statement and Disclaimer:
The original goal of the Save Pleasure Island Blog was to rally support to reverse the decision to close Pleasure Island. There were Save Pleasure Island and Save The Adventurers Club petitions and letter/e-mail campaigns. Unfortunately, all that fell on deaf Mouse ears.

The current mission is to keep you informed about what is happening with the clubs on our beloved island. Factual information is provided when available but most of what is printed on here is rumor-based. Please understand that rumors by their very nature are very unreliable. Even if a rumor was true, it's possible that things change and it never becomes true. Thus, readers should consider the information on this Blog to be fiction and opinion and not rely on any of it in any way.

With PI closing so many people kept asking me where I would be hanging out that this Blog also evolved into reporting on nightclub alternatives and big concerts. Permanent listings in a format based on the PI clubs can be located at sister Blog

This is a non-commercial Blog. I don't make any money off this in any manner including any endorsements I make. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated. Post them in designated comment areas following each entry. You may also send comments, tips, rumors and photos to me via e-mail at kingbobofthenorth at g mail dot com. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

kind of sounds like to me your saying with out saying you don't like some of the comments?

I agree with the Disney hater!? in that my Money will not go to Disney but else where?

KingBob said...

No, all comments are welcome. I put in the Disclaimer twice per year, upon the advice of Counsel.

Anonymous said...

What's Church Street Station like these day's? Not from the the Orlando area but I visit regularly.

KingBob said...

Church Street Station itself is a tenth of what it used to be. Bliss Ultra Lounge is part of what used to be the disco. There are several restaurants. But the Exchange is long gone. Lots of empty spots. There is hope that the new Magic arena which is on Church Street will liven things up. There are a lot of clubs further east on Church (Antigua/Chillers/RocRoom/23/Mako's/Dragon Room) but they're not part of what was CSS. said...

I remember "Nightmare on Church Street". Quite simply the best haunted house I've ever stepped foot into. (early-mid 90's) It was spare no expense and you we're warned that the ghools were allowed to touch you. Needless to say, I soiled myself.