Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tonight In Techno Town

Orlando's DJ Jimmy Joslin will be spinning House and Dance music over at Tropics Bistro in Indiatlantic near Melbourne for their Carnival night. This is a great opportunity to see him live for those living in the Space Coast area. I've seen Joslin a number of times at House of Blues or opening for big name DJ's such as Tiesto (NL) and he knows how to warm up the crowd with his music.

The 3rd annual Ocala Dance Festival begins today at the Ocala Shrine Hall in (guess where?). The flyer says that there is going to be 17 hours of music beginning at noon today and running through 5am tomorrow morning. DJ Baby Anne of Orlando is the headliner and she will coming on around midnight tonight. The bass queen spins a lot of Breaks-type music but she can do it all!

Closer to home, DJ Mickey Bono of Beat Thrillerz, K5 and will be playing House and Dance music at its best at Bliss Ultra Lounge downtown beginning around 10pm. Free admission until midnight per their flyer.

FLAG COUNTER: It's been 6 months since the Flag Counter was added to this Blog. In those 6 months alone it has counted nearly 17,000 visitors! As you can see, visitors come from all 50 states & DC and I'm not sure how it counts our international visitors. I think the Blog remains banned on Disney servers. Everyone wants to know what is happening with our beloved Pleasure Island. Unfortunately, it remains as much a mystery today as when it closed. They need to reopen Mannequins & 8TRAX! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the latest news & rumors!


zulemara said...

and Pulse Orlando is the hottest techno place for the LGBT crowd and their allies! Don't forget!

Anonymous said...

Pulse is gross and I've yet to hear good music there.

Easy Eddy said...

YES!, For any1 "MOUSE LEADERS" listening out in cyberspace, (don't deny it, we know you keep up with this blog) I 2nd KingBobs' comment. REOPEN Mannequins & 8TRAX, and do what you want with the other buildings!

zulemara said...

when was the last time you were there? The music is top notch on saturday nights. Scott Robert plays to the crowd and isn't afraid to go off the beaten path or give ode to Mannequins on a frequent basis.

I don't know what you find gross about it. If you don't like the dancers, stay outta that room and dance like I do.

Jerry.... said...

Hey Rob,
You may want to mention the PI Reunion at Atlantic Dance Hall on 2/13/2010. Its on Facebook, and I posted it on my Wall, and I sent out an e-mail to all the people I know. Maybe if you post it here on your blog, we may get some others to attend. Just a suggestion. Jerry.

KingBob said...

Jerry, I just received an email about it this morning and indeed will do an article about it this week. In the meanwhile, all you PI fans, mark your calendars!!