Saturday, January 9, 2010

PI Update: Snow at Pleasure Island

It was 34F degrees at Pleasure Island this morning when I visited! Those attending the Disney half-marathon reported snow falling at EPCOT, later turning to sleet. Guests at PI today were bundled up hats, hoods, ear muffs, scarves, winter coats, etc. Uggs were popular. A bit of snow accumulation atop T-REX, lol.

Planet Hollywood On Location at DTD West Side is reportedly closing January 31st because there is a new (unknown) tenant for that space. With a gift shop in the PH Restaurant and one in the little building outside the restaurant, this will hardly be missed. While on the island, also got a close up shot of of that door removal area. If you click on the photo, you can see how really bad of a job this is.

Is this new? I sure never noticed this Disney ID Tag vending machine across from Magnetron. You can have your tag engraved with your name and other things for just $10. A chain is an extra $2. "REOPEN THE CLUBS" should be one of the more popular ones! Outside Paradiso 37 is a new menu board so that passersby get a better idea of what's cooking. A good idea. I've eaten there twice and really like the place.

A reader sent in the left photo to point out that the area where the RRBC sign used to hang has been blue-painted over to cover the prior paint scrapes and gouges from the sign. Hmmm...maybe the building isn't coming down as quickly as was rumored. Afterall, why paint it if you're about to demolish it? Finally, with the prior article showing a DTD parking lot sign for sale, I was wondering if all the signs were taken down. The answer is no. They're still up including this one from my vehicle's old home in Lot F.


Anonymous said...

If that's real snow on top of T-rex, I bet you're going to tell us those are real dinosaur bones!

KingBob said...

Aren't they?