Monday, January 4, 2010

Concert Report: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball tour rolled into Orlando Sunday evening in front of a sold-out crowd at UCF Arena. The set was much more simplistic than what Britney brought with her last September however what Gaga lacked in props, she more than made up for in lighting effects. From blue to silver to black to red to white and so on, each song had its own color to go along with it. I didn't recognize her opening number but she moved directly into Just Dance right after it.

Many have compared her to an early Madonna and her songs and outfits certainly are reminders of that heritage. She even evoked images of Michael Jackson at his peak with the thrilleresque Monster song. Stretching out your arm and curving your fingers into a monster-clench is Gaga's new symbol that she urged the crowd to employ on numerous occasions last night!

She sang all the hits off The Fame album as well as a few off the new Fame Monster album. Songs included Poker Face, Love Game, Boys Boys Boys, Alejandro, Teeth and So Happy I Could Die.

She didn't wear anything particularly shocking but she looked damn good in everything she did wear.

Her rendition of Paparazzi included a Hidden Mickey, certainly appropriate in Orlando. There were two songs in the pre-planned encore beginning with the cute & short Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and the final song being her current hit Bad Romance.

Full house at UCF Arena. Most of the women in the crowd were dressed up for the occasion including quite a few in their own Lady Gaga renditions. It appeared everyone was pleased with the concert including these girls standing in front of me near the stage. Update: Orlando Sentinel has 78 pictures of fans in costume at:,0,2474347.photogallery Some of the girls above are at 27/28.


zulemara said...

I bet it was awesome. She is a great performer. I still can't believe I saw her at HOB for 22.15 and a year later she is packing UCF arena! Next time I'll make it for sure.

zulemara said...

also to add: what she lacks in stage setup, she makes up for in her ability to actually sing and dance at the same time...unlike some performers who charge 3x the price for 1/3 the talent

Bill said...

Looks fantastic. I tried to get Hard Rock tickets, sold out, then it was too late to change my travel plans when it got moved to UCF. I'm jealous!

KingBob said...

Guys, it was a great time. Even people-watching before the show was fascinating. Many girls...and guys....dressed up as Lady Gaga!

zulemara said...

I'm sure there were more flaming boys in there than there are fire extinguishers in all of WDW LOL

Anonymous said...

I LOVED it!...She was sooo awesome...and yes...males and females were dressed up as Lady G....I was proudly one of them was fun to be her for a night!!!~Sonia

KingBob said...


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