Saturday, January 16, 2010

Club Reports: Pointe Orlando, Opa, PI, ADH

When FAO Schwartz closed down that pretty much doomed Pointe Orlando as a place to go shopping. It's been reworked into a place with mostly restaurants. A few shops remain along with the theaters. I personally think that as long as they charge to park in their garage, places are going to struggle. I reported on BB Kings Blues Club back in December (above right) which does draw well with the 30's-50's upscale age group. Next door at Opa's Greek-themed restaurant and bar it was crowded standing-room only in the front bar area while the rear restaurant area was mostly empty during my late-evening visit. Lots of napkins on the floor but I didn't see any broken plates up against the walls!

Pointe Orlando does bring good memories of club life past. The still-empty Metropolis was one of the first ultra-lounges in town featuring thick carpets, deluxe pool tables and Top 40/Hip Hop DJ-driven music. Across the way was sister club Matrix which featured techno dance music, go-go girls and a huge dance floor. Justin & Britney were spotted here back during their days together. Both gone and not replaced....again, I think it's that parking charge.

Who says there ain't no night life on Pleasure Island? Celebrate Tonight played the Cupid Shuffle/Twist combo song followed by a dance contest, enjoyed by these girls from Western Iowa. Acoustic music on the deck outside Paradiso 37 had some takers seated nearby. Word on the island remains that the waterside club buildings are all coming down....but when....nobody knows. An island source did tell me that the tiki-hut building outside AC...that place you can buy popcorn and drinks and such, is going to be enlarged and moved downhill to a new location.

There was a moderate crowd at Atlantic Dance Hall during my Friday night visit featuring DJ Tony Z. I don't recall whether I took that left photo for the girl in front or for Hathaway Brown (Adventurers Club) in the back. Line dancing to the Superman song above right.


Anonymous said...

That parking garage fee has to go. Even if you eat at BB Kings, see a movie, anything, show your receipt and pay no parking price. This isn't Vegas, though they think it is over there on IDrive.

Anonymous said...

Well I ate at Hooters one time and Hooters would not validate my parking because I "didn't spend enough."

ClubMaster said...

whats the price on the parking?

KingBob said...

Clubmaster, I don't recall. It's not that much...maybe $2-3/hr. But it's a barrier because it adds to the expense of going out.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the reason they charge for parking is their proximity to the convention center and Peabody hotel. I know I'd park there when going to the convention center if it was free. However, there's no excuse for the businesses not to validate an patron's parking.

KingBob said...

Anon, very good point. The only way to keep out freeloaders is to charge.