Friday, January 29, 2010

Club Report: Why Not Lounge

Question: What are women called that are too old to be cougars?
Answer: Why Not Lounge customers!
Sorry, couldn't resist that. But OMG, the Ladies Night clientele last night at WNL was so old that Altamonte Springs EMS had to keep a crew stationed there! The vending machine offered Geritol and Exlax. But it wasn't just the women, it was the guys too. To be fair, there were some young folks in there girl was partying with her friends for her 21st birthday. It was really all age groups. The DJ and the live band played a mix of 70's & 80's hits as well as a few current songs. Have to give them credit for not playing any hits from the 30's! Check it out! It's located in the Clarion Hotel Altamonte Springs on I-4 & SR436 at Wymore Road.

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You bad!