Sunday, January 31, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Mannequins Interior Shots

These are Save Pleasure Island Blog exclusive photos of the inside of Mannequins Dance Palace, presumably taken 16-months after the club closed. These were provided to us via email from someone named PI Fan.

There has been much speculation about whether the revolving dance floor is still in Mannequins or whether it was sold and removed. While it's difficult to see the floor specifically, one can see the smooth transition from the club floor to the dance floor. It's been my opinion that one could not remove the dance floor without taking down the entire club. But whether that is true or not, the dance floor could not be removed without removing at least the railings. As you can see, the railings around the floor are all still intact. My old home, that short railing to the left, is still there! Woe to anyone who took my spot, lol. Also noteworthy in this photo is the mannequin still hanging up high on the far side.

In this photo we see some of the junk that is apparently being stored in Mannequins. Beyond the railing one can see the main bar and empty shelves where bartenders Bobby C. and Gordo used to mix their deadly concoctions. If there is a restaurant planning to move in here (Orange County Choppers Backyard BBQ or WinterWonderland were rumored), nothing towards accomplishing that has yet to occur. Thank you PI Fan for forwarding. If anyone else has interior shots of any of the clubs, please feel free to send them to me.


Daisy said...

Awwww Yeah! Me'sa needs some PHOTOS!

Anonymous said...

ok, I give up. What is 2200 GMT?
In liasion terms. Its obviously something you see on TV, right?

KingBob said...

GMT = Greenwhich Mean Time = Coordinated Universal Time = Zulu. It's a way to coordinate time regardless of what time zone you're in.

zulemara said...

Greenwich Mean Time. It's used to identify times around the world in relation to London. 22:00 GMT is 10pm in London, thus New York s GMT -5 meaning 10-5=5pm EST. This is common around the world when dealing with people talking to others in very different time zones. I work with forex, so I am constantly using these times.

majorhitwaves said...

OK - In the 2ND picture I'm excitingly coming down those stairs on the far right-hand side, and then there's the bathroom directly in front of me. Once I reach the bottom of the stairs I take a sharp 180° left-hand turn as I approach the stool that's closest to the rear left entrance onto that MASSIVE revolving dance floor. I scope out the crowd for a little while there, and then when VooDoo & Serano's "Blood Is Pumpin'" gets cranked up LOUD I emerge victoriously onto that beautiful dance floor for the next 90 minutes of rambunctiousness. It's 2002, and I - AM - THERE !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob for posting these pics. I could not see if the Dance floor was still there or not. Any chance you can contact the picture taker and confirm?

zulemara said...

there is a smooth service and the railings are still there...I think it's pretty obvious.

Anonymous said...

OK Bob you said that they could not remove the floor with out taking out the railings not true they did it once before whe they rehabed the club in 2000! the floor doesn't go under thre rails!
but yes the floor looks to still be there! these are not very good pics and not a good angle to "see" what we wanted to see. OH and also I thought that it was impossable to get these pics!! not start anything (hopfuly) but there is no date stamp on it so no real "proof" of when these where taken. so if anyone is going to reply and start. this is all i am saying! and will not go back and forth with?????
like i said in these pics it looks like the floor is there!

Ryan said...

Wow. So depressing. I miss Mannequins!

Anonymous said...

ok ok ok i know i said no more but! here it goes I thought that there was water on the floor and or used for storage! and i have seen a pic of someone who has a Mannequin from the club! now your going to tell me that Disney has taken one down and sold it just one??? and left the rest up? come on that makes me think this is an old pic! disney has done work to take everythig out lights sound system and has stuff (mannequins) for sale but just not the one(s) in this pic.

KingBob said...

Major, it unfortunately is 2010 and you are so NOT there! And neither are we. So sad.

Anon, I will write the sender and ask but the original email had the photos but no commentary with it.

Zulemara, I agree. If the floor was gone there would be drop down equal to the thickness of the floor. It's smooth.

Anon 7:14pm, I did not get these pics or order them; someone sent them to me out of the blue. Someone obviously had access. You are correct; they are not date stamped and I don't know how fresh they are. I'm assuming that they're pretty fresh. Someone responded to the on-going debate by providing us pictures.

Ryan, I agree!!!!

Anon 7:56pm, it is our understanding that the light and sounds systems were removed and I don't see any of either in these pics. But I don't know for sure. And yes, one or two mannequins were sold at Disney Property Control...reader Zulemara has one that used to drop from the ceiling upside down with the glowing lights...but others apparently remain hanging in the club. Why? I have no idea! As for a water leak, someone did post that there was a leak visible from the upper doors near the bathrooms but no one said the club was flooded.

SoCalGal said...

I feel a record reply tally coming to this topic.

Ken said...

What's in that white container in the first pic? I can't make out all the letters on the side of the container. Knowing what's in the container might provide us with a small clue as to what they were doing to the club at the time the picture was taken.

zulemara said...

I have reported several times that the mannequins are still hanging up in mannequins. That could be seen from the 2nd story entrance. They only removed the 2 that hung from the ceiling because they had to remove them when they gutted the place. It is Disney, why would it make sense? They left the big moose by the tech booth in CW for a long time too after everything had been stripped out.

As for the water, I reported it did have a leak on the 2nd floor and there was indeed a trail headed towards the stairs. It was speculation that it had gotten down to the 1st floor. Recently upon inspection, I noted that the water has since been dried up with a powder, so obviously they have fixed that.

As for storage, if there has been any storage in there, it has been rumored to be on the 3rd floor, where we are told the Motion sign remains. There was junk down by the main entrance that can be seen from the 2nd floor, but due to the stairs in the pictures, it looks like we can't get a pic of that.

Anonymous said...

You guys kill me..

The mannequins that were removed, were removed by Entertainment, those were the hanging ones that lit up. Hence why they made it to property control. The other mannequins in the club were not owned by Entertainment, so they were left as is.

The pics were taken in 2010, when the roll-up door was open for some reason or another, looks like someone walked by and happened to grab a few quick shots.

The containers in the photo are mop soap concentrate and other cleaning fluids.

KingBob said...

Anon 6:48am, thanks for the info. Interesting that Entertainment would own some of the mannequins but not the others. Who owns the others?
As for the door, you're right that there is a garage-type door there that does seem to be where the pictures could have been taken from, given the low angle of both shots. Makes sense.

zulemara said...

so to all the people insisting that floor was removed...I told ya so!

KingBob said...

Zulemara, you didn't really KNOW that the dance floor was still in there. We all just GUESSED that it would have been close to impossible to have removed it. You were correct with your GUESS.

Anonymous said...

zulemara there is no date stamp on the pics! but as in these pics it looks like it is still there?

KingBob said...

Apparently the photos are somehow date stamped, according to someone who emailed me. And the date was fresh!

Anonymous said...


KingBob said...

I don't know how. That's just what I was told.

Anonymous said...

so no date? the one who sent these could be not prove when this was taken! so we are back to?????

Anonymous said...

to the last Anoy what the heck are you talking about this is a blog for PI not heath care DUH!!!!!! this has NOTING TO DO......

KingBob said...

I cannot prove when they were taken but I'm told that they're fresh. I believe they are so I'm going to stick with the position that the revolving dance floor is still inside Mannequins. My evidence has been presented and it's compelling.
The burden is now on someone to disprove my position.

Anonymous said...

yeah well I still ttake these pics with a grain of salt! (i bevlive that they where taken at the time they said they where but can allways be taken just after they closed Mannequins you know like a year and half ago!

Anonymous said...
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