Sunday, December 20, 2009

PI Update: Mannequins

Another beautiful weekend in O-town so let's head to Mannequins to see what's happening. One can see where the stairs used to lead to the 2nd Floor doors. Have to assume that ugly scar will be covered over with stucco. The left photo shows one of the towers they couldn't take down because of the Harley signs.

Contrary to rumors last week, the Mannequins signs remain on the building. For how long, we don't know! But I guess as long as the signs remain up, there is always that chance that Mannequins could reopen and the dance floor cranked up!

On the Waterfront side there are new stairs to one of the side doors. Interestingly, the railings feature black paint which is something different than all the other railings on the island which are more of a brown rust color. New stairs are not ordinarily something worth noting, but these stairs are very significant. Why? You don't build new stairs to a building that is going to be demolished. That's why. The band stand has also had some boards replaced which is an indication that it's not coming down either. Do they even use this stage though? Has anyone played up there since Hip Kitty on the closing weekend?


none said...

william noticed the new planks on the stage, I'm glad you noticed as well! No, no one has played on that stage since closing weekend

Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes up about the reopening of mannequins if they did Disney will NOT use the dance floor (if it's there or not. and will not be the same! it's over as hard as that is to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or hear!!!!! and I would not want it to reopen if it is not going to be the OLD mannequins! it would suck if Disney reopens Mannequins and it would be like "the groove" YUCK! or top 40 that would be a big slap in the face to all of the old (and new) school Mannequins people!

KingBob said...

Anon, I know what you mean. But except maybe for country music, I'd frequent nearly any club in that spot if it had the revolving dance floor. But I seriously doubt we're going to see any clubs.

Anonymous said...

Everytime you post photos of that building I start to feel myself tearing up. I wish the mouse would just bulldoze the entire island so we can move on.

I agree if Mannequins did reopen and played top 40 or hiphop it would a huge smack in the face! I rather see the entire PI complex razed than become a eateries or watered down trendy spots.

71 said...

Doubtful Mannequins will re-open any time soon, simply because--as far as I know--Disney no longer has a liquor license for the space. They renewed licenses early last Summer for the Adv Club, Motion and BET (so they could serve booze during private events like Congaloosh), but none showed up in the records for the other clubs.

Missed the new stage last weekend...maybe somethng planned for NYE? Not a hard ticket event, but anything to entertain people a bit. I can't imagine the current tenants appreciated the last year's signs saying "No fireworks, so don't even bother coming out here Dec. 31" (paraphrasing, but that was the gist).

KingBob said...

71, you are correct about those liquor license renewals but I don't think Disney would have any problem getting a liquor license for anything they wanted. If they wanted.

Remember, we're hearing things will be outsourced. So its likely its some other entity that would need liquor licenses.