Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bob Sinclar Coming To Orlando

DJ Bob Sinclar (F) brings his Born in 69 world tour to Orlando on Tuesday, January 5th at Club Firestone Live. This must be a recent addition to the concert register because I saw no mention of this event until yesterday. Some of Sinclar's songs have an Afro-Caribbean flavor to them such as hits World Hold On and Love Generation. He's an acquired taste, IMO. But since some of his songs do get dance club play, I mention it in case you're interested. Update: I heard part of Sinclar's satellite radio show on Saturday night and it was not tropical music in any way. Great set!


jimmy joslin said...

FYI, Myself (Jimmy Joslin) and Justin Faze will be opening for this event..

KingBob said...

Thanks, Jimmy! Looking forward to seeing you again too for one of your SIN sets at HOB.

jimmy joslin said...

i was just there dec 20th, you can check out my upcoming at

Anonymous said...

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