Saturday, October 10, 2009


With this being somewhat of a holiday weekend and a day off on Monday, I'm planning to check out Sunday night's Service Industry Night at House of Blues. My last two visits have been disappointments; DJ Magic Mike has been there both times and his idea of good music is mostly hip hop. That's all well and good but SIN used to be about techno. Here's the October DJ SIN line-up:


I'll report back and let you know what happened. Another night of Hip Hop and this night is being removed from the techno category. Update: I did not attend. A view of the Richie Rich website led me to believe that this was going to be a hip hop night. :-(


Richie said...
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Anonymous said...

hey Richie he did say that is was! what he said was that by the looks of your website that what he thought it might be. that's what I got from his statement!

KingBob said...

Richie Rich, I've seen you at Tabu and it was hip hop/top 40 and your website displayed hip hop as your primary genre. The first video link I clicked on (as displayed last Saturday) was hip hop. Your upcoming Halloween show is advertised as "urban beats & hip hop."

So when debating whether to go or not this past Sunday, I decided not to attend based on an educated guess about what you would be playing.

Having said that, I do apologize for prejudging your show. I'm excited to hear that when Richie Rich spins at HOB, we can expect Electro House. HOB Sunday nights has been increasingly hip hop and I'm glad to hear that's not the case with you and I assume not the case with KJ and Joslin.

And I want to make sure it's clear that Hip Hop is nothing negative. It's just that most of the readers on here are Mannequins fans. Readers out looking for a night of techno don't want hip hop. Me inferring that you would likely be playing hip hop is hardly blasting you on the internet.

Richie said...

KB, I understand, maybe I just felt the wrong way because I am tired of being labeled a hip hop dj, I love house, I LOVE doing big house events, its just every time people label me as a hip hop or at least until they hear me play house lol

KingBob said...

RR, thanks for writing back. I look forward to watching you spin a night of House music somewhere. If I see that you're appearing again at HOB, I will definitely label it as a House music event. And I sure hope to hear nothing but the good stuff from Jimmy Joslin and DJ KJ!