Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flag Counter

Dang! I stuck that Flag Counter on the website this past July and -> the 3-month mark just passed. As of Monday evening, there were 6,525 new visitors to this site. It's not supposed to double-count you but I know that it does in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, I thought maybe 4 of you actually read this site and I've been surprised to learn THOUSANDS of people read this site. Readers come from 49 states and a number of other countries. That's the love of a place called Pleasure Island. That's the hope of so many that Disney will rethink plans and reopen something on the island. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the latest rumors, bleak as they may be!
Update: The 49 states includes DC so there are 2 states missing: Idaho & New Mexico. If you know anyone in those states, tell them to visit the Save PI blog so that we can see if those states post.

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Dasterdly Deed said...

Keep the faith King Bob!! Love the news, rumor or not.