Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Big Lou At Private Party

Attended a private Halloween party at a friend's house last night over in the Conway area of Orlando. The house was for sale and thus devoid of any furniture which made it easy for them to have a bar set up in the living room and a large dance floor in the dining room. And over near the kitchen was DJ Big Lou complete with speakers, special lighting effects and fog machine. What made this whole thing impressive was that four hours at this party was like club-hopping on Pleasure Island. The first couple hours was all Hip Hop as if I was in BET Soundstage. I was resigned to hear that all night but all of a sudden I was transported to Motion with a number of current Promo Only mixes of current hits. That was followed by close to an hour of House/Techno Mannequins music. It was great! When he finally pulled us out of Mannequins there was even a visit to 8TRAX for some Disco. Thankfully there were no visits to Rock'n'Roll Beach Club or Wild Horse Saloon! But as 1am approached he was headed back to Soundstage so I was headed home.

I don't normally advertise on this Blog but I've got to say that if you ever have a need for a DJ give Big Lou a call at (1)(407) 844-8540. I believe he also spins at Roxy.


Mannequinns DJ said...

NOPE...He never was a DJ at Mannequinns!!! NEVER EVER

Anonymous said...

I don't like DJ's like this all over the place if your going to play pick a style and go with that!

zulemara said...

Anonymous - many DJs, especially in a mobile setting, can't do that because you alienate sections of your crowd. While the "one style" idea works in clubs(and is something I am VERY fond of in that environment) doing so in a mobile environment is generally not a good idea. As long as the music flows well and keeps the beat going, it's generally good.

KingBob said...

Anon, I agree with you were that to happen in a club setting. At clubs you should know what you're going to get ahead of time.

But as None has stated, in a private party setting a DJ pretty much has to try to please everyone. But what I really liked about DJ Big Lou was that he stuck with a format for at least an hour with each music genre. Some of the worst parties I've been to are when the DJ is switching formats with every other song. Horrible! With office Christmas party season approaching, observe and see what format the DJ follows.

PS to Mannequins DJ: As you see, I've altered the article slightly to not give that impression.