Sunday, October 18, 2009

Club Report: Trotters

Would you like a little Dance music with your dinner? Would you like a little techno with your football? I've been wondering about Trotter's Sports Bar in Metrowest for awhile now and finally made it out last night to see how it works. Here's the deal: It's primarily a sports bar. There are a lot of televisions around the room and patrons last night were watching baseball playoffs and the UCF-Miami football game. There is food of the burger and wings variety to munch on while enjoying your favorite beverages. So where does the music fit in?

Well, stationed in the corner on Saturday nights is DJ Smooth who you may know from and previously from XM81 BPM Satellite Radio. And he's loaded down with 2000+ Dance and House songs which he weaves together into a 4 hour set. People walk up and make requests but unfortunately there really is no dancing. Just sports, food and alcohol. All on Arnold Palmer Drive amid the dozens and dozens of apartment complexes that make up Metrowest. 10pm to 2am Saturdays. Great music, interesting mix.


Moron said...

I guess you could call this Wing House!

KingBob said...

LOL...I guess you could!