Monday, October 19, 2009

Club Report: House of Blues SIN

Service Industry Night at House of Blues in Downtown Disney remains such a Sunday night institution around Orlando that other clubs pretty much don't even try to compete with it. This is where the crowds are on Sunday nights, drawn by free admission for anyone in any service industry. Resident DJ Sandy plays each Sunday; often there is a guest DJ too. Last night it was local favorite DJ Jimmy Joslin and HOB was packed! Sandy opened with techno but migrated over to hip hop. But he played known songs that fit in well. About 12:30am the hip hop morphed back to techno which meant Joslin would soon be appearing.

About 12:45am the red-shirted security staff took their places around the club, the go-go girls came out and Jimmy Joslin opened with Suicide Girls followed by Ghosts n Stuff. DJ David Guetta figured heavily in his selections; he played When Love Takes Over, Sexy Bitch and The World Is Mine at various times.

There were no hard drives to be found; everything was mixed directly off CD's. That's the crowd near 2am as Joslin played Darude's Sandstorm! DJ KJ of K5 is next Sunday's guest DJ; will he be the hip hop KJ (Zanzibar) or the techno KJ (Tabu)?


Anonymous said...

I apologize in advance; explain, service industry??

KingBob said...

It's a pretty broad term. Anyone who has a job which provides a "service" in lieu of someone who has a job "manufacturing" something. So it includes office workers, store employees and theme park employees. Many clubs in Orlando have a "Hospitality Industry" night which is much more narrow: those that work in theme parks, hotels & restaurants. Service industry includes Hospitality industry employees but not the other way around. At HOB, it's very easy to get in as a Service Industry employee. Just show a business card, employer ID or even a paystub.

none said...

yeah they aren't tryin to make money on cover, that's for sure. That's why they are packed. So one has to wonder...with the formula they have, why hasn't ADH copied it?

Oh that's right, because Disney doesn't want it to be popular

Dj Smooth said...

so no one in Orlando brings the Ibiza heat huh? the real stuff.... ;)

KingBob said...

Well I think your fellow DJ from RadioDanz, Mickey Bono, plays the real stuff Saturday nights at Bliss. It's House, it's a club, there are people dancing and people mingling. That may be as close as we get to Ibiza right now on a regular basis in Orlando.