Monday, October 12, 2009

All Tiësto, All The Time

DJ Tiësto brings his Kaleidoscope world tour to Florida this coming weekend with 4 concerts; Friday night in Orlando at UCF Arena, Saturday night in Fort Lauderdale at Nova Southeastern Arena, Sunday night at The Ritz in Tampa and finally Monday night at Sway Lounge in Naples. His Kaleidoscope album was just released and I think it opens a new dimension for him...much softer...reminds me of what Kaskade has been doing. Will be interesting to see how his fans react to the change. Tickets at UCF are pricey $50 which is $10 more than his concert last year at Hard Rock Live.

Sirius 36/XM81 BPM has changed its name to Tiësto Kaleidoscope Radio this week, running 100% Tiësto concerts and interviews from Noon ET today through 11pm this coming Friday.


Brad said...

I "tried" to see Tiesto this past weekend in Atlanta. If you want to know what happened just google: tiesto atlanta police

KingBob said...

Wow, hadn't heard about that. I trust that the Orlando event will go much better. Security here is being provided by the same company that handles security at Amway Arena and at the Gators' Ben Hill Griffin Stadium! Brad, thanks for sharing.