Sunday, July 26, 2009

70's Music at The Groove?

It happened last night at The Groove. Suddenly, without warning, the DJ put on that 70's disco classic "YMCA". The club was pretty crowded at that point and everyone on the floor went into the YMCA routine. Those on the sidelines stopped whatever they were doing and watched. Mind you last night was not 80's Night, it was a Saturday night. Were they just teasing us? Were they simply testing the waters? A few weeks ago Groove management mentioned to me the possibility of adding some 70's music to the Thursday 80's Night mix. I think this helped show that the demand is there!

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Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, what kind of music is played each night at the Groove? I had gone on a Monday a few weeks ago hoping for the best and walked into a club with 15 people playing old school hip hop, reminding me how much I miss PI.

KingBob said...

Well there is not going to be much of a crowd Sunday thru Wednesday nights so I think they'll play pretty much whatever is requested, subject to the DJ working that night having the song.

Thursday is 80's Night with DJ Doc Wells from 8TRAX.

Friday-Saturday is mostly Top 40 with a mix of hip hop, some oldies and some Dance thrown in. The regular jock is DJ AJ.