Thursday, January 19, 2017

DS Update: Visiting The Projects

Whether you're on viewing from your smart phone, tablet or laptop, let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island and visit the Island's various projects!
With the exterior of The Edison about 75% completed, most of the activity is taking place inside.
We know there's going to be a restaurant aspect to The Edison but the intrigue surrounds this large "room" which could be a performance arena with a stage or it could be a night club. Or both.
Our roving reporters are trying to find out!
Over at Riverboat Square (better known as the Lily Pad), the former "Empress Lily" continues to be turned into new restaurant / lounge Paddlefish. Progress has been amazingly fast to me even though it did not meet its advertised deadline to open of "Late 2016".
It looks rather striking and should offer diners, particularly those looking for seafood, a lower price point than The Boathouse next door.
My camera did not have a quick-enough shutter to capture Paddlefish from high up on the swaying balloon ride, lol!
Contractor issues, roof issues. Planet Hollywood Observatory did not open last year and it didn't open last week either. Or this week. That outdoor downstairs bar over there had at least one television monitor showing football on it so we may finally have a sports bar in Disney Springs!
Taking reservations now for this coming Monday so I think we're finally there!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This Weekend In Techno Town

It will be loud and crazy tomorrow night at Venue 578 for Funtcase (USA). Dubstep / Trap.
Two nights in a row for Venue 578 as Vancouver-based Caskey (CDN) returns to Orlando. Rap.
If it's a Mazor Production, you know it's gonna be good! Peek Downtown has a visit from DJ Tone Look (E) this Friday night, joined by DJ's Andrez, Divine & Supagroover!  Breaks.
House music at it's best at Vinyl Arts Bar this Saturday night from DJ Randall M joined by Renzo Ruiz and more! House.
Decisions, decisions! More House music on a Saturday night from DJ Agni, DJ Evo & Digital Groove Project, all at Peek Downtown. Deep House / Progressive House.
Check out DJ duo Loudpvck (USA) this Saturday night at Gilt Nightclub! EDM / Trap.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DS Update: That's Entertainment!

Sunday night at Disney Springs, looking to be entertained! In the Town Center, encountered "The Strolling Piano" for the first time ever.  Spotted at the base of the Lime Garage, this platform rolled-in and stopped while the vocalist sang a song and played the piano!
And when she was finished, she rolled-on sideways to a new spot! LOL!
Crossing Pleasure Island, a stop at STK to see DJ Frank playing 70's Disco.
At the Waterview Stage where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club used to stand, the Andre Caram Band was in full force playing Pop hits!
Featuring singer Drey-C, his band performing on Pleasure Island dates back to the very beginning of the ultra-lounge concept which originated on West End Plaza outside the shuttered Comedy Warehouse.
Sunday night crowd gathered to watch!
On the Lily Pad Stage at Riverboat Square, group Nova Era has also been performing Classical on the Island since the ultra-lounge concept first originated.
The Waterside Stage was dark Sunday night with the Kid's dance party shifted over to the Water Fountain Stage.  DJ Russell Colleran on the mic!
There are always line dances to participate in!
Including "The Thriller"!  At Disney Springs, a good time was had by all!

Monday, January 16, 2017

DS Update: New Balloon Flying High!

The new Characters In Flight balloon became operational this past week. The lack of "characters" on the new balloon has led to speculation that they're going to change the ride's name but I'm told that's not the case. The Blog was told that Disney picked out the design which was made to better fit with the motif of Disney Springs.
The ride comes with a new gondola too that features LED lighting that can remain solid or flash. If you look at the bottom of the balloon itself you'll see numerous rectangular panels just outside the black ring. Those panels are home to more lights that illuminate the balloon's interior.  Those too can stay lit or pulse disco style!  The side panels of the gondola are plastic and can be changed-out.  With a little effort, the gondola could be themed for holidays or other occasions. Likewise for the light colors.
Of course someone has to pay for the new balloon and that sir would be you.  The price has increased from $18 to $20 while the AAA/CAA rate has increased from $15 to $16.  There are lower-priced Groupon offers at off peak times. The best deal remains the "10 before 10" where you can ride before 10AM for just $10.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Concert Report: Audien (Gilt Nightclub)

Gilt Nightclub on a Saturday night in Orlando!
Arrived around midnight as DJ Icehunt (USA) was playing.
EDM for the masses!
Packed house!
And this crowd was loud!
Have never seen this guy before but he was good.
The headliner sneaking into the booth.
Getting his equipment ready.
And at 1AM, the ├╝ber-talented DJ Audien (USA).
Early in the program, his 2014 hit "Serotonin" ft. Matthew Koma.
The song that brought him into prominence in 2013, "Leaving You" ft. Michael S.
Packed to the rafters!
He had the club bouncing for a retro mix of "Better Off Alone" & "Zombie Nation".
Has Audien been putting on the pounds?
This is a Blog file photo of him in 2014 at Level Night Club in Gainesville and he seems to be much thinner here.

 I've seen Audien play several times over the past few years but last night he was as animated and chatty as I've ever seen him!
Standing on the table is often a sign the concert is ending and as 2:30AM approached, it was! Preceded with chants of "One More Song", Audien gave us a Daft Punk encore.
Great set! A good time was had by all!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Concert Report: Igloofest 11 (Montreal)

Who the hell puts on an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of a Canadian winter? Montreal does, that's who! Back for the 11th edition of this event that keeps getting bigger and bigger as word gets out, Igloofest is taking place this year over 4 weekends with each weekend having concerts on  Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.
There are two DJ stages with the main stage known as the Sapporo Stage after its sponsor Sapporo Beer. Place was already pretty crowded when I arrived around 8PM.
DJ Kris Tin (CDN) was doing some Tech House when I got there.
It was 11F° at the outset but no one seemed to give it a bother!
Beware the abominable snowmen who thrive in this weather!
Over on the alternative Videotron Stage, DJ The Rawsoul (CDN) was pounding out Techno.
Not that many people here as everyone came to see the headliner!
So back at the main stage, just in time to hear him open with his namesake "Oh Yes, Oh Yes"!
The legend, DJ Carl Cox (GB)!
Sold out crowd of around 9,000! And if I understood what I was told correctly, not the first sellout in Igloofest history but the first time it was sold out in advance of the event!
Jammed as far as the eye could see!
Back over to the Videotron Stage to see DJ Miss Me (LAO / B).
Originally from Laos and then Belgium, I believe she's now residing here in Montreal!
Miss Me booming out a techno remix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love".
Around the Igloofest grounds, ice bars!
Ice sculptures!
Logo store.  No t-shirts but plenty of beanies!
Food is available!

 The bars stayed busy will full-liquor service and plenty of Sapporo Beer tall boys!
OK, as midnight approached, back to the Sapporo main stage!
Now 7F°, no one was leaving!
I came because I've never seen Carl Cox before. His only gig in Orlando was years ago at Senso Supperclub and he's never been back!
Weaving between House, Tech House & Techno, his set mixed songs with and without vocals to great effect!
All with some of that chatter he's famous for!
He was quite animated, as seen in this alternate view off a monitor.
DJ's view of the crowd below!  Igloofest continues tonight and for the next 3 weekends so check out the upcoming lineups here!
Blog exclusive bird's eye view of the crowd below! Big thanks to Igloofest Relationniste Francois Fournier for the behind-the-scenes tour and DJ access! A good time was had by all!