Saturday, May 26, 2018

PI Update: What's New?

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island to see what's new!
Wine Bar George opened for business this past week.
This nice bar area on the ground floor is surrounded by high top tables and there's regular tables upstairs.
Nice view of the upstairs seating area.  Down below, The Basket was also open.
It's a quick-serve operation with sandwiches to go. Could be the cheapest meal option in Disney SpringsWBG & TB are both located at the Hub where the PI Live DJ booth used to stand!
Over in the Riverboat Square of the Island, the slow-moving renovation of Portobello into Terralina has now at least reached the stage where Terralina has a sign.
Meanwhile over at Erwin Pearl Jewelry, no customers as I passed by.  It's likely they were there earlier.  Come on out to the Island and see it all for yourself!

Friday, May 25, 2018

PI Update: Late Night Island Dance Party

 Thursday night on Pleasure Island used to be Cast Member night and the clubs, particularly Mannequins, would be packed!  So let's cross this bridge one more time to check things out now!

The Waterview Stage on the Island has been home to Late Night Disney Springs dance party since March 1st.
One change I noted last night was that the early evening entertainment used to end at 9:45PM and they would then have them close down and the DJ booth would be set-up for the 10:00PM start. Last night the entertainment played all the way up the switchover as the DJ booth was already set-up and ready to go.....
For Disney Springs Late Night resident DJ Michael Wycoff (USA).
Taking place every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night weather-permitting, things started slow.
But all it took was these three brave ladies to get out onto the dance floor!
And others quickly followed.  Suddenly we had a party!
 DJ Michael Wycoff has been super busy with this dance party twice per weekend and a number of pool parties at Disney-area hotels.  That and he will be DJ'ing at some of the upcoming Incredibles Dance Parties at Magic Kingdom!
Couldn't stay out late last night on a school night but the momentum was building and you could already tell that a good time would be had by all!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Missing Me Some Nadia Ali!

Came across this Avicii remix of Nadia Ali (USA) hit "Rapture" and it made me realize how long it's been since I've seen her perform!  There are no tour dates on her website and I'm hoping she hasn't retired from touring. The "Rapture" original was back in 2001 when she was part of duo iiO.  The original was a staple on 95.3Party back in the day.
The first time I saw Nadia Ali live was in 2011 at Koolhaus in Toronto when she performed live vocals with DJ duo Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN), opening for David Guetta (F).

 She looked absolutely stunning when she appeared in 2012 at Roxy Nightclub, performing her hits.

Pictured here in her $1500 Louboutins.  While I've seen Sultan & Ned Shepard several times in the six years since then, I've not encountered Nadia. Hope she'll return to O-town soon!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend In Techno Town

Begin your long weekend even earlier as "Everything Between Us" moves to Thursday night at Elixir Bar! Featuring veteran DJ's Fobia, Castillo & duo Low End Theory.  House.
You never know what kind of crowd you're going to draw for DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) at Bar B but once things crank up, it gets pretty crazy!  Check it out!  Old Skool /Classic Breaks.
The Megacon Convention is taking place this weekend at the Orange County Convention Center and one of the highlights is the absolutely crazy Megacon Dance Party on Saturday night. And this year they return from one of the ballrooms in the convention center to Club 3Nine in the Rosen Plaza Hotel. Capacity will be reached and you're urged to get an advance ticket so you can get in.  In the past there have been long lines of people waiting for people to leave so they could let more in. Don't be that person waiting!  DJ Elliot (USA) & DJ Evolv3 (USA) will provide the music!  Costumes not mandatory.  Top 40 / EDM.
Oh wow, it's been nearly 3 years since we last saw Pacha New York resident DJ Miss Jennifer (USA) playing in Orlando and she'll be up-close-and-personal this Saturday night at Vinyl Arts Bar.  Deep House / Techno.
Another Saturday night option is London-based DJ Riva Starr (GB) playing on the awesome patio at Elixir, but inside if it's raining. House / Tech House.
Taking place on both Saturday & Sunday day and night, Sunset Music Festival takes place this weekend in Tampa beside Raymond James Stadium.  Your can click on the image to enlarge.  Various Electronic Music Genres.
With Monday Memorial Day Weekend in the United States, the party continues on Sunday with this party featuring DJ Freefall (USA) and DJ Ray Love (USA) at Eve Nightclub. This is not a silent disco so you'll be able to hear the music without headphones this time!  Open Format.
Running from 4pm to 10pm, this party at the new club Blackstar features duo Prophecy (USA) in a live set plus Tommy Mot (USA) and The Reverend (USA), plus many more!  House / Breaks.

What a way to end the long weekend!  One of the biggest names in DnB returns to Orlando for a show at Vintage Lounge for the next edition of "Torque".  Drum & Bass.

By the way, I love Hip Hop!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

DS Update: Third Garage

Progress on the still unnamed 3rd parking garage at Disney Springs. It's located across Buena Vista Drive from the Lime Garage. Like the others, it will be operated by the Reedy Creek Improvement District.  I believe it has a 2019 completion date but I see no reason this wouldn't be finished this year to cover the holiday rush.

Monday, May 21, 2018

DS Update: Orlando Sentinel Article

Orlando Sentinel reporters Trevor Fraser and Lauren Delgado paid a recent visit to Late Night Disney Springs and reported on it in this article last week. Decent article but no mention of the outdoor adult dance party at Waterview Stage which is where nearly all the fun is taking place!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Club Reports: iBar, iCow, iHop

You know by now that if it's at all possible, I'm gong to visit Independent Bar (iBar) on a Saturday night!
DJ Kimball Collins (USA) in the booth playing the Saturday format of 80's New Wave!
Saturday's rains took a break after 9PM and there was an early crowd in the place!
It's got the classic songs everyone knows the words to!
The crowd comes from all walks of life and everyone is made to feel welcome!
Spotted in the booth: Joe Livingston of former club Space Fish along with DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson (USA).
Always a great vibe at I-Bar!
Now over to Orlando's "Milk District" and new club Iron Cow (iCow).
For DJ Kevin Knapp (USA/D).
Based in Berlin for the past 5 years, I was able to compare notes with him since I used to live there too!
Also a great vibe in here!
House music all night long!
Spotted in VIP: Club Photographer Justin Pile with AAHZ Kid.
Spotted by the bar: Ashley
Iron Cow replaced nearby Sandwich Bar and not only is is far larger, but they've also have a liquor license so it's not just beer and wine anymore!
Great House set!
Hard to see because of the fog but he had everyone bouncing!
Sometime you have a craving so next stop was the International House of Pancakes (iHop) to close out the night!
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Club Report: Mannequins Dance Palace

The weekend has arrived so dropping in on Mannequins Dance Palace!
The DJ booth.
Another crowded night in the club.
Standing in my regular "spot" near this pillar, watching the clubbers go by.
The light wall is ahead of its time.
And the revolving dance floor is staying busy tonight! Come check it out!