Sunday, December 4, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar, Bar B, Sandwich Bar

Saturday night in the city and you know I'm going to begin it at Independent Bar whenever feasible!

DJ Indie John in the booth!
You know the story by now.....80's New Wave on Saturday nights!
The crowd a mix of all ages, races & persuasions!
Spotted at the bar: Tracy giving us a "come hither" look with I-Bar Lighting Tech Ernie.
Spotted in VIP: Anna & Emma
Special event next Saturday night as I-Bar goes totally Goth for the Visage Reunion ft. DJ Paul Vaine. Should be completely packed!
The Blog likes to drop by The Patio from time-to-time to verify if it's true that there's always a party here!
OMG, DJ Parry was playing EDM when I came in!
And we can officially confirm that there indeed was another party in here!
Bubbles floating up into the sky as patrons danced in the open-aired club.
The music here is mostly Top 40 & Hip Hop hits but EDM is never too far off, particularly later in the evening.
Always good times here!
Directly above The Patio is Aero Bar, not to be confused with the Canadian candy bar with the same name!
DJ's Cliff T & The Dom taking turns delivering EDM!
Absolutely packed!
The peeps want EDM!
Just 4 weeks until New Years Eve when Dominick with be blowing out EDM bangers for the masses at EPCOT: ChinaEPCOT has the biggest NYE party in Florida with DJ's at China, Italy, United Kingdom, American Gardens, Japan & more!
The Patio is on the ground floor while Aero is up on the rooftop!
It's literally dancing with the stars!
Second time visit to Bar B located on Central Ave. across from Tier.
DJ Beck in the booth playing more EDM!
This place was packed too!
The peeps want EDM!
I've heard they may be having some House music nights in here in the near future so we'll monitoring that possibility!
Speaking of House music, you're always going to find it at Sandwich Bar!
Arrived after 1AM to find DJ Max Alzamora (PE) on the decks playing pure unadulterated House music!
LOL.....with or without a flash it's so hard to get decent pictures in here because their fogger works full time!
See, there are people dancing out there!
Spotted outside, DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) had played earlier!
Always great music in this place!
A good time was had by all!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Club Reports: Adobe Gila's, Opa, BB Kings Blues Club, Blue Martini, Club 39, Fire Lounge

It's been a couple years since the Blog worked its way down International Drive to check out the clubs so it was a fun way to spend my Friday night last night.  The evening began with happy hour at Adobe Gila's in Pointe Orlando.
Hanging out with a group of 16 from my office!
Strong drinks mixed with appetizers made this a good first choice!
Adobe Gila's as a southwest-themed take off from the name of a 1950's television situation comedy called "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" which starred Bob Denver in his pre-Gilligan days.
Rounding out my group!
Everyone gathered, time to move next door for dinner at Taverna Opa, the Greek-themed restaurant & bar!
DJ A-Stylez in the booth delivering Greek, Top 40 & Reggaeton.
Dinner service was followed by loud music, dancing & flying napkins!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls belly dancers!
Most clubs would throw you out the door if you were dancing on the tables!
Not at Opa, where they literally drag you up onto the tables!
The place goes absolutely crazy!
A different kind of line dancing!
Ouzo for everyone! Opa!!!
Brief visit to BB Kings Blues Club, also in Pointe Orlando.
DJ Pedro Vazquez working behind the bar during my visit!
And although it was only 9PM, the dance floor was already starting to jam!
First visit to Blue Martini since they relocated from their spot at Mall at Millenia to this newly constructed location in Pointe Orlando.
Live band playing from 9PM to 11PM followed by DJ service.
Lost a few people after Opa but otherwise the group remained intact!
The band was playing old and new Top 40.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Located across the street in the lobby of the Rosen Plaza hotel, Club 39 is located in the former Backstage Lounge spot.
DJ Los on the decks playing EDM when I arrived but then moving into mostly Top 40.
Dance floor was a bit spartan at 10PM, lol.
But things did pick-up a bit shortly thereafter!
It was considerably more crowded in here for the MegaCon convention afterparty!  Link.
Only the hardiest had energy left for one more stop.  Fire Lounge is located in the same spot as Ice Bar Orlando.
DJ Steve Fame in the booth playing Top 40.
Dance floor saw limited action during our visit.
With a few more at the bar here too.
Shadow dancers on the monitors.
The 4 of us still hanging at the end were the same four that partied into the wee hours in Toronto back in October! The rest can't keep up, lol!  On International Drive last night, a good time was had by all!