Sunday, January 21, 2018

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, Vinyl Arts Bar, Peek Downtown

Saturday night in the city and beginning it at Eve Nightclub for their weekly "NQA" house night!
Arrived to find DJ Codes (USA) in the booth playing mostly vocal House.
The dance floor was already in full operation mode when I arrived!
Brooklyn-based Codes playing my current-favorite "Roller Coaster" to close-out his set!
Detroit-based DJ duo Golf Clap (USA) taking over next.
And everyone that was just standing around came down to the floor!
Eve is the most-upscale club venue in downtown Orlando.
With "NQA" on Saturdays bringing in top international talent every weekend.
Now over to Vinyl Arts Bar which was celebrating its 2-year anniversary last night!
Inside the main room we found DJ Jim Little (USA) in the booth playing House!
Just a small crowd on the dance floor up here.
But that's only because down in the basement DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) was taking his turn!
And this is where everyone was!
Small room but big vibe!
House music all night long!
So grateful to have Vinyl Arts Bar on the scene following the demise of similarly-minded Sound Bar!
Peek Downtown was last night's home of "Boombox"!
With DJ's Matrix & J-Dub (USA) back in the Peek booth where they belong!
Dance floor just beginning to pick up when I arrived!
Photo bomb!
Breaks are fast.....but not this fast, lol!
Although Trish was spotted moving about that pace!
Spotted on the dance floor: Michael, Cheryl, Michelle & the always-amazing MC Mary Beth!
Spotted by the booth: Christina & Blanca
Spotted at the bar: DJ Seth Vogt & Nicole.
Spotted guarding the booth: DJ Flash (USA) who had played earlier.
I tried to take a picture of Jim (center) and the group of subjects posing kept growing and growing!
Spotted in VIP: Anthony & Adriana
Spotted on the dance floor: Mandie with DJ CD Mack (USA).
DJ Seth Vogt (USA) taking over in the final hour and slowing things down just a bit.
Everywhere I went last night, a good time was had by all!

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