Sunday, January 7, 2018

Club Report: The Edison (Disney Springs)

GPS coordinates set and for the first time in 9.25 years, the destination was Pleasure Island on a Saturday night!
Opening one week ago for New Years Eve, this was our first visit to The Edison. This old steam clock was part of the building in its former role as the power plant for the town of Disney Springs.
Of course this building's former role was really as Pleasure Island's Adventurers Club and coming in "upstairs" off West End Plaza, you'll immediately recognize AC's former circular rotunda area and cupola ceiling above!
But you won't find The Colonel or other AC characters. What you will find are numerous well-stocked bars scattered throughout the complex.
Arriving around 10:30PM, the place was already packed with every one of the numerous tables occupied!  If you're coming, recommend you arrive early.
From the Mezzanine (Link), you can look down below to the dance floor and band stand.
The band started at 11PM and presumably there had been an earlier set. The vocalist was dressed in a 1920's-30's wardrobe which is also how most of the staff was dressed.
This older gentleman was asking many different ladies to dance so I had to ask someone if he was a cast member. No he wasn't. The song choices were contemporary like Britney Spears' "Toxic" but done in a slower raspy-voice period style.
Numerous pillars left over from Adventurers Club can cause sight line problems if you're sitting away from the action which is why you'd want to arrive early.
After the band set, a 5-minute "burlesque" routine was performed. They were very good and it's cute with no "stripping". Nonetheless, it's the most risque thing I've ever witnessed at Disney!
That was followed by a 5-minute aerialist routine.
Followed by about a 30-minute dance set from DJ Mynd (USA). During the 11:30PM set there was a lot of Swing such as "Zoot Suit Riot" but in his next set it was older 80's & 90's hits.
Besides the previously shown machinery, a lot of the equipment from the former power plant can be found throughout.  I also located the secret door into the Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar speakeasy which was not open yet but coming soon!
The routine then repeated, with the band back on and apparently a different, more buxom singer!
And for the first time in 9.25 years, there was dancing on Pleasure Island!
Burlesque girls getting ready for another set.
You can never go wrong with Burlesque girls!
Followed by the aerialist.
Followed by the DJ set.
So now you know the entertainment cycle at The Edison:
1) Live Band Set
2) Burlesque
3) Aerialist
4) DJ Dance Set 
Admission was free last night but it's my understanding that after 10PM, when it becomes adult only, they will have a $10 cover, at least on weekends. Because of the continuous turnover of guests at Walt Disney World, I think The Edison stands a good chance of being successful in the long term. When I departed around 1AM, there were actually people strolling around Disney Springs, something lacking previously. Certainly I'll be back! A good time was had by all!

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