Thursday, November 16, 2017

PI Update: Edison Complex Update

New advertising signs have been added to the construction walls surrounding The Edison complex.
Maria & Enzo's will be located at this former airline terminal.
Ponte means "bridge" in Italian and Pizza Ponte will apparently be located in the section immediately adjacent the No. 5 Bridge.
Section next to the bridge. Notice the ventilation grills for what's below.
Two signs are up for Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar, which is what's below.
Entryway construction is still taking place in this area to the side of the bridge and just below the STK steakhouse.
Not only will this not be a hidden speakeasy known as Neverland Tunnels, it also won't be a hidden Mafia rum-running speakeasy.  Looks like signage above and below will make the place noticeable rather than hidden at all.
At The Edison itself, a notice that it was opening to the public on January 1st quickly got pulled so it's possible it will open sooner.
Exactly what The Edison will offer remains a mystery.
And will any performances take place in that area with the 3-story ceiling that looked like a stadium during construction?  We should know pretty soon!


bob said...

That's a lot of extra restaurant seating capacity they're adding!

Can they actually fill those seats?

KingBob said...

When they announced and opened all those other restaurants, I expressed the same skepticism. Yet somehow they've all been really busy. And many of them are highly acclaimed.

So I share that same skepticism with you now with all these "Italian restaurant" seats. All we can do is watch.