Monday, November 6, 2017

EDC Week: Construction Under Way!

This is Camping World Stadium in Orlando where this coming weekend the grounds around the stadium will be used to host the 7th Edition of Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando! Follow the Blog  daily this week as we interrupt our regular programming for ALL EDC ALL WEEK!

 The festival map shows that the kineticFIELD main stage is in Tinker Field to the west of the stadium as it always is. This year the circuitGROUNDS stage moves across Rio Grande Avenue to a former parking lot area.  With the added space, event capacity increases from last years maximum of 43,000 which was reached on the Saturday night of the event.  The Boombox Art Car stage occupies McCracken Field to the southwest of the stadium where circuitGROUNDS used to stand. The neonGARDEN stage remains in its same spot directly south of the stadium.
Those purchasing tickets or picking them up from Will Call need to go to the Box Office located on Church Street in the northeast corner of the stadium. The stadium itself is only used as a pass-through entrance for guests while big name DJ's will have hospitality suites available to them upstairs.
This is a Sunday afternoon look at the kineticFIELD main stage under construction to the west of the stadium in Tinker Field.
Rear view of the main stage.  It will look vastly different when completed!
Some of the event's biggest names will play here including DJ Armin van Buuren (NL) on Saturday night to conclude the festival!
Looking across Rio Grande Avenue, this area previously used as an EDC parking lot is the new home of the circuitGROUNDS stage.
You can already tell this will be a huge stage too!
Directly south of the stadium and the lake, the neonGARDEN stage is in its same spot but appears to be much larger than last year.
Friday's line-up here is heavy on Trance while Saturday's is more Bass.
The festival map shows a new entrance here at McCracken Field in the southwest corner of the grounds near Tampa Avenue. During my visit yesterday there was no indication that an actual entrance was going to be here but it should be. The Boombox stage will also be here. Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday) for our annual Ladies Fashion Guide to EDC!

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