Thursday, November 23, 2017

Concert Report: AAHZ These Are The Breaks 2 (The Beacham)

Thanksgiving Eve means it's time to return to the Land of AAHZ!
Arrived to find DJ Kimball Collins (USA) playing at the beginning of the night.
Quickly followed by DJ Scratch-D (USA) of Dynamix II.
And even though it was only 10PM, the club was already packed!
The music dedicated to old school Breaks that defined dance clubs in the early 90's.
Of course back then the music came from records and CD's!
Lasers lit the sky throughout the night!
And with Thursday a holiday in the United States, they had no trouble drawing a crowd on a Wednesday night!
And then there she was!
Coming out of retirement for one night only, DJ Baby Anne (USA).
The bars were packed; the dance floor was packed!
 DJ Icey (USA) taking over next!
Packed to the rafters!
Confetti explosion!
Playing some of his classics, Icey was having a good time!
Spotted out front: Helen, Shelly & Stephen
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Pedro Vazquez (USA) with Madii.
Spotted by the bar: SarahV & SarahK aka Sarah2
Spotted on the dance floor: Adam & Lynette
Spotted by the stage: Adriana, Anthony & World Famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted on the dance floor: Chris & Stacie
Spotted on the dance floor: Jim
Spotted by the rail: Erick, Donna & Pamela
Spotted on stage: Rachel & Lauren
Spotted in VIP: Dana & Myndi
Spotted by the booth: Blog-favorites Ira, CJ and Jen
Spotted on stage: Professional Club photographer Brian Miller.
Spotted backstage: Laraine with DJ Smilin' Dan (USA).
Spotted in the lighting booth: DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) from Mannequins!
Spotted by the side bar: DJ Chang (USA)
Spotted by the booth: DJ Leony (USA) from Mango's & Red Coconut Club in CityWalk with Mannequins original DJ Pete Werner (USA).
Spotted dancing on stage: Blog-favorite Leah
Spotted in soft focus: Dana with DJ Jerry "The Reverend" Johnson.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Rob E (USA)
Spotted by the booth: DJ Def Jeff, DJ Andy Hughes, Myndie, Mannequins-own DJ Dave Cannalte who had opened the evening, and Dana.
Spotted by the bar: Craig & Jen
Spotted by the stairs: Byron & Tanyia
Spotted on stage: DJ Andy Hughes (USA)
Spotted backstage: DJ manager Phil
Spotted by the booth: DJ Adam Flurk (USA) & illDJ ChrisB (USA)
Spotted on stage: Planet Hollywood's Ashleigh
Spotted inspecting The Beacham's notorious haunted apartment: SarahK. She ain't afraid of no ghosts!
Spotted in the crowd: Kevin Harrell dba DJ Circle K (USA) of Torque Drum & Bass with Dawn.
Spotted near the foyer: Shelly, Selethel & DJ Sandra Cruz (USA).
Back to the show, singer Sam Mollison (USA) adding some live vocals to the night!
Everyone singing along to his words!
Dominic from DJ duo Stanton Warriors (GB) would close-out the show!
As 2AM approached, no one was leaving! The entire night was simply amazing!
Still wall-to-wall! We've heard it sold out!
Continuing the Breaks theme of the night!
The only sad thing about last night is now we have to wait a whole year to do this again!
A good time was had by all!

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