Friday, November 24, 2017

DS Update: Music Around The Springs

Having to go to work early this Saturday morning, I decided to spend my Friday night out at Disney Springs.
Apparently I wasn't the only one that had the same idea!
Arriving first at the Water Fountain Stage in Disney Springs Marketplace with DJ Dave leading the festivities.
He had two very lovely helpers!
This is the kids dance party although all ages are welcome.
And it's a good place to scope out the Moms!
Dockside Margaritas sells more concoctions than just its namesake.
It's a good place to grab a drink and just chill to acoustic guitars and singers such as Phil Bonanno.
The Waterside Stage is the largest performing arena in Disney Springs and it was pretty crowded last night.
The Andre Caram Band ft. singer Drey-C was performing during my visit.  After the Pleasure Island clubs closed, they were one of the first performing acts to play on the Island on those small stages outside Comedy Warehouse. You could always count on Drey-C to be singing current EDM songs!
Last night, some Chainsmokers!
Moving over to Pleasure Island, STK was jammed with diners!
DJ C-Nel was in the booth playing Top 40 and retro hits!
At the Island's Waterview Stage, Nicholas Marks was performing his gypsy guitar!
There was a large crowd here too. Nicholas Marks was also one of the original entertainers on the Island in the post-club era.
At Riverboat Square and the Island's Lily Pad Stage, duo Nik & Reema were performing contemporary music with vocals!
Who says there's no dancing anymore on Pleasure Island!
Last stop was Exposition Park at Disney Springs West Side where another big crowd had gathered!
For DJ Scott King (USA). Of course we remember him from his Pleasure Island days at club Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, BET Soundstage Club & the PI Live booth!
This is more of a Teen Dance Party but it's really all ages too.
And a good time was had by all!

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