Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hurricane Filler Article: Gas Stations Of The West

Editor's Note: This article was loaded in advance in case the lack of electricity prevented a regular article from being loaded. Was just going to comment on some of the gasoline brands spotted in the Las Vegas area during my recent trip that used to exist in the mid-west and east but no longer are marketed here.  First, this I-11 sign for a brand new interstate under construction between the country's two largest cities not currently directly connected by an interstate or toll road, Las Vegas and Phoenix.
In the early 1900's the United States Supreme Court broke-up Cleveland-based Standard Oil Company due to antitrust and many of the successor companies had the rights to use the Standard Oil name but each only in certain states. Standard Oil of California had the rights out west and they later purchased Standard Oil of Kentucky to gain rights in the south. But they couldn't use the name in other states so for marketing purposes they decided to use the Chevron name in all states. But they maintain one Standard station in each state to preserve their legal rights. Standard Oil of Indiana is now BP and they keep their rights the same way, maintaining one Standard (Amoco) station in each of their midwest states.  Standard Oil of Ohio is also now BP but maintain SOHIO marinas along the Ohio River and in Lake Erie.  Standard Oil of New Jersey uses the EXXON name nationwide but their diesel fuel is called ESSO Diesel to maintain their trademark. Outside the U.S. they have exclusive use of the Standard Oil name and have Esso (S.O.) stations worldwide.

We used to have ARCO in the midwest when east coast Atlantic, west cost Richfield and midwest Sinclair merged to form Atlantic Richfield or ARCO.  They are all over the west though now featuring cash-only or debit card only transactions.
We had Union 76 stations too in the midwest and they're now called Unocal 76 and are part of Chevron.  You can still get the orange 76-ball antenna-toppers at their stores.
Sinclair still exists out west too and it's a happy sight to see Dino. While Sinclair did get merged into ARCO, rights to use the name and logo got spun-off to a small company which has since blossomed with a large territory west of the Mississippi River. It was fun to see all these old names again!

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