Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PI Update: The Drab Hub

The intersection where the north-south sidewalk in front of Mannequins met the east-west sidewalk known as Hill Street was called "The Hub".  It was a busy intersection with the PI Live booth DJ's broadcasting from above while Rock fans streamed in and out of Rock'n'Roll Beach Club!
From the rear, we can see the catwalks that once housed the Pleasure Island Explosion Dancers and we're reminded that the PI Live Bar was located at The Hub as well.  Of course with the clubs being shuttered, all this would change.
Plan A for the Island was to lease out all the spaces to third parties and collect rent. When that idea fizzled in the upcoming recession, everything sat idle until Disney announced Plan B: Hyperion Wharf.  Under the Hyperion Wharf concept, The Hub remained the focal point of Pleasure Island. We see the outdoor amphitheater (which eventually did get built) but we also see the magic light columns which did not materialize.  The corner was anchored by Zach Devine, presumably a fake placeholder name for a bar/club with upstairs dancing.  A lighted Mickey LED board dominated the intersection. No doubt PI at night would be something to behold.
Of course Hyperion Wharf was axed following an alleged backlash from Boardwalk venues which said HW duplicated what they were already offering.  Instead we eventually got Plan C now known as Disney Springs. The outdoor amphitheater was scaled back and The Hub itself was demoted to a colorful compass point.
But instead of a colorful compass point anchored by Zach Divine, we got a drab compass point anchored by Erwin Pearl Jewelry.

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