Monday, June 19, 2017

DS Update: The Projects

Disney Springs is the only shopping center in Orlando where you'll see many of the guests wearing Mouse ears!  While we're here, let's also see the current projects taking place around the Springs!
On the West Side, this plot is where the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant is supposed to be going. Just outside the Exchange Building, there's no activity yet. The current Wolfgang Puck restaurant adjacent House of Blues is slated for renovations and will emerge as Jaleo, a mainland Spain restaurant with takeout on the ground floor and a full restaurant above it.
As you come down the escalator from the Lime Garage into the Town Center, The Polite Pig has opened to your right but this empty spot remains on the left. Have heard no information or rumors about it.
On the Island, not much progress at this entry portal into the Neverland Tunnels.
As this slowly progresses we see that under the No. 5 Bridge there are non-public entrances into The Edison while Neverland guests would use the entry portal to get into the space directly under West End Plaza.
Meanwhile upstairs on West End Plaza, we see the entertainment section of The Edison. We're told this will feature live cabaret shows including contortionists, aerialists & DJ's.
While this section of The Edison will be a restaurant featuring "classic American food".
Weathering has been applied to these panels along the east side of the venue facing Paradiso 37.
Another look around back facing Village Lake.
Curiously, Savannah Bee Company has yet to move into this vacant space along Hill Street formerly occupied by Sound Lion. SL closed May 1st so you got to wonder what's taking so long for SBC to move from its current small kiosk at Riverboat Square to here. Not sure how they can pay the rent for this space either.
At the Hub, construction on Wine Bar George is moving rapidly.
And in Riverboat Square, renovations continue on the former Portobello Country Italian Trattoria which will turn it into another celebrity-themed Italian restaurant guided by master chef Tony Mantuano. The new name has not been released.  And there you have a roundup of the projects currently taking place at Disney Springs!


Anonymous said...

Rumors I've heard is that Bongos is closing, the building will be stripped and become a new location for an existing store (not a restaurant). I also heard they want a full replacement for the Disney Days of Christmas store. Everytime I ask about an Apple Store, I get nowhere.

KingBob said...

An Apple store was rumored for the Town Center section of Disney Springs but then it never happened. Could the Bongos location be renovated into an Apple store?
Surprised they'd replace the Disney Christmas store. Seems like there are shoppers in there year-round.
Thanks for the report!

Jeff - Seattle said...

Any timeframe for the Edison opening??

KingBob said...

"Late 2017" is all we know.

Jason said...

Do we know the Neverland Tunnels have been green lighted?