Thursday, May 11, 2017

PI Update: Looking Down Under

In this past Monday's article we visited the other two construction projects taking place on the Island; The Edison and Wine Bar George. Today we drop back by the hidden "Neverland Tunnels " project being built underneath West End Plaza.  This invisible space was always there, previously occupied by Pleasure Island offices as well as a cast member snack bar.
No discernible changes from the last time we visited here in our April 27th article here. One change though is the addition of those picnic tables. I'm speculating that they're for construction workers to use and perhaps they used to be inside but interior construction progress necessitates moving them out here. Don't really know though.
The only other rumor going around is that Disney Springs is such a success that they could expand the West Side out past House of Blues and build more restaurants and shops out this way. The restaurants have been successful but I can't speak for the stores.


71 said...

FWIW, had a CM friend (long since left the Mouse) get a peek at blueprints before this Disney Springs incarnation came to life ... the HoB parking lot was marked "Future Development--Nightlife district" or something to that effect.

Given the success of Jocks, I'd think they would want more bars, as opposed to restaurants. Could only help Edison and NBA City to have more places to barhop.

KingBob said...

Jason, thanks for the report and sorry I overlooked it until now. I have heard that Cirque is going to be razed. That would sure open the bottleneck. Disney Springs really goes dead after 11PM so it's surprising the Mouse wouldn't want to use the next 3 hours to generate revenue.