Thursday, April 20, 2017

DS Update: No Gondolas At The Springs

The Gondola ride at Busch Gardens, captured in this photo taken in February, was similar to the long demolished Skyway ride that used to operate within the Magic Kingdom. Now the Orlando Sentinel has uncovered public records showing the Reedy Creek Improvement District is supposedly planning a gondola project that would connect several of the theme parks with several resorts. (Link) Noticeably absent from this new transport method is a link to Disney Springs.
These are enclosed gondolas used for transportation in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas VI. Presumably the ones used at Disney World would be enclosed too. But I'm skeptical about the entire project. Anyone old enough to remember the ride at MK recalls how often the ride was closed due to wind or lightning. A gondola system built to reduce the need for bus service is a great idea in theory but if you still need a bus system and drivers available to back it up when it can't operate (which could be every afternoon in summer), how much are you really saving? Seems likely to me that this is disinformation directed at Universal who may be planning their own gondola system across I-4 connecting their CityWalk transportation & entertainment hub with new hotels where Wet-n-Wild once stood!.


Anonymous said...

So wait... they want to build Gondoals at WDW, but you still can't walk from GrandFlo>MK?

KingBob said...

It would be a really long walk.