Saturday, April 22, 2017

Concert Report: DJ Sandra Collins (Primary Chicago)

Friday night in Chicago; Primary Nightclub!
In town to see Blog-favorite DJ Sandra Collins (USA).
Located in the basement of an old building on Division Street, the club was crowded!
Advertised as a 3-hour set, she had just come on at 11:30PM when I arrived from O'Hare via the city's famous "L".
Her set was what I describe as Progressive House but some songs seemed to cross over into Techno & Trance.
What ever it was, she had the club bouncing!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Or Bacardi girls with free samples!
Music so good, even my bartendress Diana was on the dance floor with her friend! BTW, great drinks at Primary!
I don't quite know why, but these speakers kept reminding me of Orlando!
Why go all the way to Chicago to see Sandra Collins?  Because she doesn't play often enough east of the Mississippi River so when she does, you go!
Her set reminded me of some of her older Perfecto albums, beginning rather slow with all non-vocal tracks and then building it up with songs that just blow you away!
That guy on the far right displaying that look of euphoria you get from great House music, lol!
I first discovered Sandra Collins when she opened for Paul Oakenfold (GB) at the old Destiny Nightclub on Universal Blvd in Orlando!
Obviously enjoying what she created last night, she played until 3AM when DJ Twitchen Skratch (USA) took over!
And his more pure House set was also pretty amazing!
And even as 4AM approached, very few were leaving!
But with a 6:30AM flight back to Orlando, I had to. Thanks to Derek Salter & Phil Rizzo for the professional courtesies.  A great night at Primary and a good time was had by all!

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