Sunday, April 2, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, L'Allee Club, Gilt Nightclub

It's Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando with the big event taking place tonight at Camping World Stadium. I can hardly contain my excitement but first I had to get myself through Saturday night!
Official merchandise vendor parked along Church Street.
But on with the show! You know by now if it's at all possible, I'm going to begin my Saturday night at Independent Bar!
A mystery DJ (USA) was in the booth but we can't reveal his name!
He was playing the standard Saturday night I-Bar format of early-to-mid 80's New Wave.
The dance floor was filling rapidly!
Spotted wearing SuperDry: Blog-favorite CJ
Spotted in VIP: John & Michelle
Spotted down under: Laurie with friends
Everyone wants to hang-out in an "underground club" and while L'Allee Club is not literally underground, it is hidden in an alley off Pine Street.
DJ Renzo Ruiz (USA) was in the booth during my visit!
The problem of course with hidden clubs is that unless you know it's there, you don't know it's there. Just a small crowd on hand bouncing to the beat.
House music all night long!
Now over to Gilt Nightclub for the event of the weekend!
DJ ATM (USA) on the decks when I first got there. We know him from back in the day at Bliss Ultralounge.
Gilt was packed to the rafters!
Then promptly at 1AM, DJ Morgan Page (USA).
And he would play his catalog of Dance hits!
Including The Longest Road.
The crowd was enthusiastic all night!
It was next to impossible to move about the place!
The peeps want EDM!
Music so good, even a dinosaur was dancing!
Posing for the Blog, Morgan Page with Dance singer Britt Daley (USA) who provides the vocals on the Morgan Page megahit "Running Wild". DJ Scotty B (USA) also appears in this shot.
Crowd reacting to a great EDM remix of 90's Haddaway (TT) hit "What Is Love".

 And a Dance version of The Outfield (GB) hit "Your Love" which I had never heard before!
That look you get when listening to great music!
I last saw Morgan Page perform last November at EDC-Orlando!
Confetti explosion!!
"Gonna play an encore, but first, let me take a selfie."
A good time was had by all!

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