Monday, November 7, 2016

PI Update: Looking For Club Remnants

EDC Week is over so now back to our regularly scheduled program.  I've heard or read many-a-story from people who have arrived at Disney Springs for the first time ever and having come out of one of the new garages, can't quite place where they are! So let's tour our former nocturnal home and see what remains of our clubs.  Start here at the No. 5 Bridge from the West Side and cross over to our Pleasure Island!
Immediately on the left, the bathroom complex and BET Soundstage Club were completely demolished so there are no remnants.  Instead we see a massive new building going up that was once supposed to be Walt's or Walt's Place but now we have no idea!
While immediately on your right, directly across West End Plaza, is home to upscale steakhouse STK. Comedy Warehouse once stood here but was also completely demolished so there are no remnants.

A little further down Hill Street brings us to the under-construction Edison Orlando. It uses the existing framework of Adventurers Club including much of the former cupola lobby roof.
At the Hub, you're no longer going to find Rock'n'Roll Beach Club because it too was completely demolished.  This now home to adventuring-themed Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar.
And where once you could stand and view club Motion at the end of this corridor, you're now stuck looking at The Boathouse restaurant.
From the Hub, turn around and look back up Hill Street and see that remnant of 8TRAX!
While around back you'll definitely recognize the south side of 8TRAX including its distinctive circular stairway tower up to the DJ booth area!
Meanwhile no one could ever not get this club right. They're serving Chinese dinners on the dance floor but Mannequins is definitely there!

They've added some glass, they've added some bricks, but if you can find this spot, you'll know where you're standing immediately!
And Mannequins old upstairs smoker's patio doors have been renovated to a different look but you know and I know that revolving dance floor is hidden back there somewhere!


Anonymous said...

The revolving dance floor - it's gotta still be there, right? I think I can hear it when I tap my foot very hard on the floor in Morimoto's, sort of a hollow sound. No, really! Don't laugh at me! ;)

KingBob said...

I really do think it's down there!